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I’m agitated to announce my next webinar, taking place on February 19:

Why Do Vegetarians Have Higher Stroke Risk?

Unlike the obesity webinar, which was put together primarily time to satisfy the academic interest of fellow nutrition morons( more info below !), my February webinar is going to be of a more practical nature. Given that high blood pressure and inadequate fruit and vegetable intake are among the most important stroke determining factor, you would assume those munching plant-based diets would be at significantly lower risk, just as they are with heart attacks. You might be surprised to learn that there had never been any studies on the incidence of stroke in vegetarians, though…until now. And if you think that is surprising, wait until you hear the research results. Yes, the government has lower heart disease risk as expected, but those snacking meat-free diets seemed to have more stroke hazard. If that is indeed the case, what might be the make, and what can we do about it? I hope you’ll join me for this important event. For more information and to register, go here.

Date and Time: February 19, 2-4pm ET Day of reckoning to Register: February 13

Today is the last day to register for my next webinar on January 24 at 2pm ET 😛 TAGEND

Obesity webinarWhat Triggered the Obesity Epidemic?

The obesity epidemic exploded throughout the industrialized world in the late 1970 s. What happened? Any potential driver would have had to be global in mood and are in compliance with the upswing of the epidemic. So how do the various conjectures heap up? Was it the solid, the sugar, our genes, need of employ? If you are as curious as I was before I dived in, I hope you’ll join me as I sift through the possibilities and answer your questions in this 2-hour live webinar, which is (* spoiler alarm *) based on the first part of my new bible How Not to Diet.

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And speaking of my new bible, I was thrilled to be back on Live with Kelly and Ryan and Fox Business to discuss it.

Speaking Tour Kicking Off

Speaking tourI’ve started my 200 -city speaking tour. This will take me all over the US and other regions throughout the world. Here are a few of the upcoming contests that are open to the public. You are also welcome to witness the full register here.

1/ 12/2020 Loma Linda, CA Loma Linda University School of Medicine

1/ 17/2020 Sedona, AZ L’Auberge de Sedona for Health and Nutrition Conference& Sedona Performing Arts Center for VegFest

2/ 7/2020 Boise, ID Plant Based in Boise

2/ 16/2020 Camarillo, CA Whole Conference

2/ 21 -2/ 28/2020 Holistic Holiday at Sea

Seeking Chinese Translation Volunteers

Chinese volunteersWe’re currently aiming voluntaries with event in English-Chinese translation and editing as we continue to bring the latest research on nutrition to parties in Chinese-speaking fields. You can find the voluntary position descriptions and employments here.

Host a How Not to Die Screening

Over 30 How Not to Die Screening incidents have taken place around the world since last April. These contests have brought communities together and have allowed this life-saving information to effectively reach wider publics. Consider hosting a free incident in your expanse. For more information and to apply, go here.

Physicians Association for Nutrition

Physicians Assoc. for NutritionThe international medical organisation Physicians Association for Nutrition( PAN International) is calling all health professionals supportive of a plant-based diet to add themselves to their latest website aspect: an interactive delineate and register where cases around the globe can identify encouraging practitioners near them. If you are a physician, physician auxiliary, registered dietician, or a nurse practitioner, delight visit their website and consider contributing your practise to the list!

Top 3 Videos of the Month

Are Pre-Cut Vegetables Just as Healthy?

Are Pre-Cut Vegetables Just as Healthy ?

Endotoxins can build up on pre-chopped veggies and threaten some of their benefits.

Are BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) Healthy?

Are BCAA( Branched-Chain Amino Acids) Healthy ?

Why we may want to strive not to outstrip the recommended intake of protein.

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss?

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss ?

Is the link between breakfast skip and obesity cause-and-effect?

Live Q& As January 23

Live Q&A

Every month now I do Q& As live from my treadmill, and January 23 is the day.

Facebook Live: At 12:00 p.m. ET go to our Facebook page to watch live and ask questions. YouTube Live Stream: At 1:00 p.m. ET go here to watch lives and ask even more questions!

You can now find links to all of my past live YouTube and Facebook Q& As right here on If that’s not enough, recollect I have an audio podcast to keep you fellowship at http :// audio .

In health, Michael Greger, M.D.

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