Look Up or Look Down

Looking up is what happens when you choose to believe you have control over some aspects of your life.

Looking down is what happens when you believe you’re a scapegoat of life and circumstance.

Looking up is a way to survive and thrive through difficult times; it requires courage, confidence, impression, and accountability.

Looking down is a way to “create” worse situations and turn the semblance of bad luck into a reality. It feeds on negativity, self-justifications, disbelieve, and disbelief.

The way you examine will influence where you go.

Even though we don’t have much button over many things in lifetime, focusing on what we do insure — like looking up — can completely change the direction of their own lives.

When you “ve been looking for”, the very best becomes better, the bad becomes good, and the desperate becomes hopeful.

You can’t gave a evaluate or asses the effects of perspective and mindset; but in video games of life, it is your most precious asset.


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