Meet Mission Health’s 2021 Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina

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PHOTO( liter to r) Andie Slivinski, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jessica Fusco, Clinical Nurse, and Judy Luff, Clinical Nurse

As servant chairwomen, nursing schools us to recognize ourselves in others, keep alive our common humanity and focus on single caring times through the course of carrying out heart-centered care.

This year, Mission Health had the opportunity to honor and recognize three of our wet-nurses as Great 100 gift recipients. The three Great 100 Nurses of NC for 2021 have a shared theme of advancing its practice of wet-nurse through professional governance and shared decision making. Each has contributed in unique ways to facilitating nursing greatnes at Mission Hospital.

Since 1989, the Great 100, Inc. has recognized and admired influential nurses across North Carolina, recognizing 100 wet-nurses from the state who are nominated by their peers for this once-in-a-lifetime honor.

Meet the 2020 North Carolina Great 100 Nurses from Mission Health Andie Slivinski, DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, CEN, CPEN, TCRN- Clinical Nurse Specialist, Trauma Work

Andie is a nurse who dynamically impacts outcomes in the practice setting and community through innovation and enterprising healthcare initiatives with knowledge, positive communication abilities, fidelity, rely, humility, hope and fortitude. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, she deports independent and collaborative scientific studies and research related to the care of the damage injured case. Andie collaborates/ consults in the management of complex patient and family care by demonstrating clinical expertise in a newly created Trauma program. Andie’s work has been published in peer-reviewed gazettes including the Journal of Emergency Nursing and represents nursing on several national boards.

Jessica Fusco, MSN, RN, CPN, NP-C- Clinical Nurse, Pediatric ICU

Jessica recently facilitated the important work of wet-nurse through the transition of the Mission Health Nursing Professional Governance Congress to a virtual convene format due to COVID-1 9, developing in doubled attendance. During her meter as the Nursing Professional Governance Congress President, Jessica checked changes in preceptor pay, advancement of increases in tuition reimbursement and certification bonuses, and the process of drafting quarterly journal associations. Jessica has recently promoted several community initiatives focusing on topics such as childhood obesity, acute gastroenteritis, and improvement of outcomes for children undergoing procedures in an impatient rectifying. Jessica recently received her Master’s Degree going to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Judy Luff, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, IBCLC Clinical Nurse, Labor& Delivery

Judy works closely and collaboratively with nursing supervisors and those in all levels and personas. She is a respected supervisor who symbolizes servant leadership. As a Labor and Delivery Clinical Nurse and CNO Clinical Nurse Liaison, Judy fiercely advocates for a culture of greatnes where the voice of the nurse is an inspiring guide. Her epidemic ebullience and prudence placed the bar for others to create a positive rule environment where nannies are autonomous. She has advanced the support of unit council chairs and is transitioning professional governance at the hospital level to a true decision-making body by setting purposes for education and certification and addressing recruitment and retention activities.

Thank you to all of our nursing professionals for your commitment to caring for the people of western North Carolina with excellence and compassion.

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