My New House: The Mudroom Plan

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten more a matter of information sources than I have for my mudroom faux brick tile. Yes, it’s faux brick, porcelain tile , not thin brick veneer or full brick and mortar. First of all, we had a certain floor height we needed to work with in the adjoining kitchen, so expending thicker tile/ actual brick was not an option. Also, mortar and brick are able to obtain particularly gritty and I missed something that was durable and easy to clean. These are EmilCeramica Kotto in Mattone color. Hard to find online, but you might be able to find at a neighbourhood tile accumulation. We’ve since repainted the bench in Ben Moore White Dove( after cutting out the arches below, which free-spokens us up for bigger baskets to place shoes and such ).

The floor and workbench before 😛 TAGEND

We’ve exploited this kind of product before in residences, and it’s always been a winner. The key to stimulating it appear more like real brick is to use 1/8 or 1/4 ” spacers so the grout looks a bit more like mortar. I choice a medium gray-headed grout so that there was definition but not Bright contrast.

Here’s the plan for this gap- some cushions, a coffeehouse curtain( guys, they are coming back) and lots of hooks and baskets. I am GIDDY over the organizational opportunities this house will afford me- and I’m not even a nifty freak!

LINKS: hooks // wallpaper // umbrella stand // hangers // baskets // bench cushion fabric with faux leather piping.

Some more brick tiles, both porcelain and real, for floorings 😛 TAGEND

This is one I’ve seen a lot :

Porcelain single brick tiles

Thin Reclaimed Brick Veneer

Herringbone Veneer Thin brick

Another thin brick layer :

Coming next week- my plans for the family room with our amazing new building in/ fireplace !!!!

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