Netflix Is Making A Doc About One Of The Strangest True Crime Cases Of All Time

Elisa Lam was a 21 -year-old Canadian college student who went to Los Angeles for a solo adventure. On a fund, Lam stood at the Cecil Hotel which known or unknown to her has a grim history violent deaths. Initially Lam was in a shared chamber with another inn patron but after the guest complained that Lam was acting strangely, she was moved to a private area. The hotel is also adjacent to Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood which is where thousands of unhoused parties live.

While on her errand, Lam was updating her social media with photos and dreams from her cross. In the past, she had consumed social media to post pictures of celebs and paper her struggles with mental illness. She was in daily linked with her parents while traveling.

The owner of a bookstore near the Cecil hotel remembered Elisa and described her as happy. The owned said she bought books and was agitated to see her friends and family again after she returned home.

Lam was reported missing when she didn’t contact her parents or check out of her hotel apartment. There was immediate interest from her friends and family in determine her, but that interest surged when the video of her strange demeanor on the hotel’s elevator was released by LAPD:

Five days later, her nude form was is located within the water tank on the hotel’s roof. Hotel patrons who had been drinking water from the container litigated the inn. Elisa Lam’s autopsy concluded that the cause of death was ” accidental drowning “.

Theories about Elisa Lam’s death

1. A random piranha targeted Elisa Lam, either because she was a young woman traveling along, because she was especially vulnerable having gone off her remedy, or both.

2. Elisa stopped making her bipolar remedy and her strange behavior up to and including her demise in the hotel’s water tank was an accidental illness-related death, with no foul play.

3. Elisa matched person in Los Angeles either at the hotel or somewhere else who is responsible for her death. Her strange behavior in the elevator video is explained by her hiding from someone.

Netflix film

Next month, Netflix will release a docuseries on the action. Here’s the trailer

The series will be available on Netflix on Feb 10, 2021.

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