Nikki Costello on the healing powers of Iyengar Yoga

Namaste! Welcome! My name is Nikki Costello. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a new schoolteacher on Glo, and have been a student of yoga for 27 years.

Early on, I enthusiastically rehearsed yoga, thriving on the new challenges, the rigour, and the purging sweat. I knew feelings of delight and hilarity as I encountered positive changes in my form( especially the benefits of healing from a knee surgery ), and a brand-new zest for life. This continuous and continuous engagement moved me organically toward learn yoga, and I was fortunate that my commitment was inspired, clear, and full of purpose.

When I was first introduced to Iyengar Yoga, I detected something wonderful was happening. I wanted to learn more. I was not satisfied with only doing yoga, I wanted to know the’ how’s and why’s’ and became interested in the whole subject–physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

I would like to share three reasons why I elected Iyengar Yoga as my course of rehearsal and belief and expressed the hope that it might spur you to give it a try for yourself.

1. Self-inquiry: Iyengar Yoga kindles a affection for learning and exploration, while simultaneously fostering a footpath of insight.

As a fledgling to yoga, one may believe that it takes times to make progress, and while in some manner this may be true of profundity, I have witnessed( both in myself and in students) that changes happen rather quickly. This is because the method is intelligent, profound, and improbably effective in communicating complex meanings through simple lingo which allows the body and mind to be transformed together.

2. Community: Iyengar Yoga is built on the teacher-student relationship organized and sustained over many years.

An Iyengar student is supported by a smart, generous, and profoundly perpetrated society. When I began studying Iyengar Yoga, I was inspired by students who had been practising for decades. When I said beings of all ages and abilities engaging in yoga, it illustrated is not simply the physical welfares like strength and gentility in advance, but also, the possibility for continued growing and well-being over go. I was able to ask questions, receive steering, and move forward with confidence.

3. Right Action: Iyengar Yoga is an incarnated rehearse for people living an awakened life.

This practice has schooled me how to effectively care for myself in all circumstances and phases of life by fostering characters of determination, spirit, compassion, kindness, meeknes, and vulnerability. Yoga philosophy is not a theoretical subject. It is a discipline by which practice and redundancy gradually cultivate positive human behaviours. These dignities impel yoga a practical topic for title action in the world.

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