One Trait Pros Have That Amateurs Don’t [Episode 324]

We live in a world of instant gratification, so much better so that if we don’t get results right off, we readily become frustrated and irritated.

And this is something that translates to business when you liken those who are new to building a business and those who have had their business for a while.

Someone who is new to business does not know what is involved to build something great and end up setting impractical expectations.

When you positioned improbable promises you become disappointed and angry.

In business you do want to set expectations and outcomes, but you also need to set negative goals. Think of negative destination providing as your” schedule b” when your” programme a” doesn’t work out. If you already have” proposal b” figured out ahead of time, you’re more prepared and have a solution if your” plan a” doesn’t work out like you would like it to.

The one large-hearted thing I’ve learned as a parent and business owner, is that patience — practicing it and learning it, is essential to the success of your company and to your happiness.


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In This Episode I discuss:

00: 00- 02:00- Introducing Today’s Topic

02: 00- 03:30- The Business Newbie

03: 30- 05:45- Patience

05: 45- 09:00- Negative Goal Setting

09: 00- 12:06- Tying It All Together


What You Missed:

In our previous bout we talked about a bizarre intersection between plus size patterns, Instagram feeds and marketing no-no’s .

Instagram is a awfully visual scaffold. If you examine “hot”, you’ll have more admirers than if you add value simply because copulation sells all the time.

It’s the same reason why no one wants to see Instagram feeds of plus immensity simulates. I know that’s a politically mistaken thing to say, but it’s reality.

There are portraits we consider we know are so superficial, yet it is the thing that attaches to our primal abilities to signify success and significance.

When it comes to marketing, people don’t want to see pictures of the journeying. They want to see the end result. You have to sell people what they require. You have to focus your marketing on the end result.

You can tune into this contentious topic right here: Plus Size Models, Instagram Feeds, and Marketing No-No


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