Plus Size Models, Instagram Feeds, and Marketing No-No [Episode 323]

In this episode I want to talk with you about a funny intersection between plus immensity modelings, Instagram feeds and marketing no-no’s.

Here’s the thing about Instagram and Instagram Influencers is that it has nothing to do with their geniu, meaningful contributions to the world, or have no expertise. Essentially, they’ve become influencers located upon how they look.

Instagram is a unusually visual pulpit. If you gape “hot”, you’ll have more admirers than if you add value simply because gender sells all the time.

It’s the same reason why no one wants to see Instagram feeds of plus sizing models. I know that’s a politically flawed thing to say, but it’s reality.

There are epitomes we find we know are so superficial, yet it is the thing that attaches importance to our primal abilities to signify success and significance.

There is a very big difference in the world of results between realists and optimists.

When it comes to marketing, people don’t want to see pictures of the excursion. They want to see the final result. You have to sell people what the fuck is miss. You have to focus your marketing on the end result.


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In This Episode I discuss:

00: 00- 03:28 -Introducing Today’s Topic

03: 28- 07:00- Marketing No-No’s

07: 00- 09:33 -Sell People What They Want


What You Missed:

In our last bout, I talked about The Harsh Truth About Business and Why We Don’t Abandon Our Kids

This episode was inspired by you. Yes, you.

I want you to know that anything meaningful in life takes time and it’s not easy. Let’s use raising children as two examples. We as human species compared with any other genus waste the most amount of experience raising our children. The ground for this is we humans are a tribal, social, species.

I’ll admit, there are hours my girls drive me crazy to the point where I want to give them to random people on wall street. Of trend, I don’t devote my teenagers away to random people when they drive me crazy and that’s because I’ve vested a grip sum of time into raising them. There’s a kindnes and commitment as parents that we have with our children. The same goes with business.

When it comes to business, you need to stay focused on one thing. All too often most business neglect because they give up to soon or they don’t stay focused on what they need to stay focused on.

You need to keep plugging away. You have to keep spraying the grass.

As with raising children, guiding a business is an ever lasting travel. You have to keep learning. You have to keep plugging away. You have to continue getting reinforcement when things don’t go well.

As you go through the expedition of house a business and the everlasting journey that goes into it, you have got to keep in mind that anything worthwhile is going to have it’s challenges. You need to expect that and you need to be OK with it. You likewise need to have the resilliance and solve to get through it.

Stay the course and stop shaking the bat.

And that my friends is The Harsh Truth About Business and Why We Don’t Abandon Our Kids


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