Recipe | Brussel Sprout & Grape Galette

There are some things you shouldn’t told me to a concoct. You know what one of those things is? “Interesting…” That was what my husband said when I told him my hypothesi for this recipe.” A Brussel Sprout& Grape Galette! Maybe with some walnuts, more, and a balsamic reduction. And Parmesan cheese !” I thought it was ingenious. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea, in fact. But my husband’s response? “Interesting…” ” Interesting …” never represents interesting. It’s not so much the word ” interesting ,” you realise, it’s more that trailing off at the end: “Interestinnnggg.” Interesting is the polite way of saying,” What in Sam Hill are you thinking ?”( Yes, Sam Hill. I’m an 80 -year-old man, didn’t you know ?) But brussel sprigs and grapes actually do go well together. A few months ago, I made a roasted brussel ripens and grapes recipe from Whole Living and it was delicious. And, in general, brussel sprouts tend to go well with sweetened flavors that offset their modest bitterness. So as I write this upright, I feel like this Brussel Sprout& Grape Galette is one of those recipes that could be so weird that it’s a big success, like […]

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