Recipe | Coconut-Lime Tofu Soup

In example you were wondering, I’m still doing Weight Watchers( and I’ve lost 10 pounds–yay me !). It simply feels bizarre to write about it all the time here. Anyway! I often find it easy to stick to the plan for breakfast and dinner, and I’m not much of a snacker, so that’s not a problem either. But lunch has been difficult. I don’t like frozen foods and I’m not a big salad eater. I did sandwiches for a while, but I burnt out on those. I like some canned soups, but I’m trying to avoid them because of the whole BPA thing. When noon rollers around, it’s usually,” Oh, what I’m going to eat? I suspect I’ll have some potato chips and a tangerine .” So I’m not so much over-eating when it comes to lunch–it’s mostly time that I’m eating peculiar things. Things that don’t really constitute a meal. Not having time to whip up something from scratch on a daily basis, I’ve pointed out that a good mixture has been to make a big batch of soup on Sundays to eat during the work week. Soup is easy to hot up and I can have it with some fresh fruits and […]

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