Recipe | Drunken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I’m not sure why I cherish cooking with beer so much when I don’t like to imbibe brew at all. Escandalo! A food blogger that doesn’t like beer! Yes, it’s true; I’m just not a supporter. I do like Guinness and I adore me some lambic( my Chocolate Lambic Cupcakes are probably one of my favorite recipes on this blog ), but other than that, beer is just yucky to me. And of course, when you don’t like beer, people never just take it at face value. No, they assume you’re judgy about imbibing or that you’re uncool or super religious. Can’t a person only not like beer? Is it genuinely that strange? C’mon, you know it perceives kind of foul. You know it does! Cooking with beer is another matter, though. And that bitternes spice that hinders me from sucking beer is the unusually reasonablenes I love to cook with it–I like that insignificant bitternes note that it gives to recipes. It contributes interest and breadth without adding a lot of calories. Case in quality? These Drunken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. After doing Drunken Franks with Field Roast Frankfurters last week, I became a little bit haunted with the relevant recommendations of […]

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