Relieve Eye Strain with Acupressure

Bladder 1, 2 Acupressure Points

Acupressure levels Bladder 1 and Bladder 2 alleviate see strain.

These details are so close to the eye use extra caution when situating and apply pressure. Use exclusively amiable contact and very light pressure, extremely when working with Bladder 1( BL 1 ).

It is always best to practice finding these points on yourself before contacting them on another person.

Gentle Slow Contact

When using these acupressure points to relieve eye strain reach soothing contact and then slowing sink your push into the points. Breathe deeply and conclude tiny circular distres to the points. Apply pressure for a short period of time, less than 30 seconds. Take the time to pause and notice how you feel. Based on your results, apply your push again, always being sure that you are creating relaxation rather than pain or more strain.

More Stages for Eye Strain

Bladder 1 and 2 are just a few acupressure points to relieve eye strain. You can add Gallbladder 1 and San Jiao 23 to your prepare of extents for relieving see strain.

Experiment and notice how things change. With pattern, you will find your confidence and ease expend these points.

How to Locate Bladder 1

Bladder 1( BL 1) is located at the internal corner of the eyes as shall be included in the portrait above.

How to Locate Bladder 2

After locating Bladder 1, draw a line straight up to the inner edge of the eyebrow, this is the location of Bladder 2( BL 2 ). Use the idol above for guidance.

Learn more about the Bladder Merdian here, it is 67 acupressure levels!

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