Remember the Lion and the Bear – EH Leader Podcast

This podcast invites you into a assignment God brought into my life that changed my opinion of myself and my leadership. I was struggling to lead New Life into her next period. I had founded the church 18/19 years earlier and was at a personal crossroads. I contended with self-doubt and gloom around my abilities and wondered if I had the inner assets are essential in order to take our religion forward. Perhaps, I had given New Life all I had to give and it was time for someone new to be the senior leader.

Then God fulfill me powerfully through the story of David in 1 Samuel 17. Unlike the army of Israel that was filled with immense fear, he stepped over the solicitor of Saul and his older siblings who said, “You are incapable and will fail.” And he affected Goliath, heading God’s beings into a new future.

How did he do it? He remembered the lion and the tolerate( 1 Samuel 17:33 -3 7 ).

In this podcast, after a few introductory remarks, I share a message I committed at New Life at our 20 th Anniversary Service around this story. I apply the truth of the lion and the give to the story of our church- recollecting our past success( along with a few substantial lacks ), looking at our present Goliaths, and imagining a future where we as a school might charge our Goliaths.

My prayer is that you might receive a talent in this podcast, retaining the faithfulness of God to you. And in so doing, you might be filled with faith in our live God to offset bold decisions and head wisely, strongly, and with integrity.



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