Republican Party renews attacks on us just in time for pride

” Gays for Trump” at rally in Lynden, Washington, on Saturday, May 7( via NPR)

The Republican National Convention has announced its 2020 platform will peculiarity revamped opposition to marriage equality, LGBTQ titles, and will endorse conversion therapy.

The New York Times reports that the tone-deaf announcement( which comes during dignity month and during refreshed queer activism in solidarity with Black Lives Matter) is a move to repackage the party’s 2016 scaffold as brand-new, rather than adopting fresh arrangements. The move likewise comes at a time when the RNC has tried to promote Trump as the most pro-queer President in history .

The Times reports “The 2016 platform “thats been” refreshed was the result of sloppy debates in Cleveland, the emcee municipal of the Republican convention four years ago, during which a group of renegade delegates tried but failed to strip out language defend homosexual marriage and forgiving shift care for L.G.B.T.Q. youths.”

“The platform made a steadfast case against same-sex marriage and called for a constitutional improvement abolishing the 2015 Supreme Court decision that struck down regulations defining matrimony between one man and one maiden, ” the Times also notes. “And it accuses’ the current President’ for seeking to expand workplace shields to include L.G.B.T.Q. people.”

via Queerty

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