Resolving technical issues as we improve the DD experience

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In the last few days, we’ve integrated major improves to our underlying Diet Doctor technology. Primarily, we’ve ameliorated our customer information database to a newer layout. This is going to help us add parties with improved service in the long term.

Unfortunately, this update motived our membership login services to experience temporary publishes, meaning that it has sometimes been impossible to log in over the last couple of epoches, or beings ought to have entered out and has log in again to access participation material.

Perhaps most annoying is the fact that it was impossible to log into the membership section of our app over the weekend. Additionally, our site may have also been slower to load.

I apologize for the hindrance this may have caused you. I’m happy to report that most of these issues are now resolved, and we’re currently hunting down the last glitches( hopefully minor ).

Again, these site hitches were a temporary side effect of the updates we are uttering to improve the Diet Doctor know in the long run.

Our objective is to resolve many of the issues useds formerly faced. We crave, for example, our English useds to be able to easily access both our Swedish and Spanish sites — and vice versa.

Also, we don’t want there to be any hassle when attempting to access meal strategy. This should be as seamless an experience as possible.

Like many companies, we are going to experience changing agonies along the way. But we ever aim to provide you with the best possible low-carb knowledge, brainchild, and resources.

If you still experience any issues with your membership, don’t hesitate to reach out. Email us at reinforce @dietdoctor. com or visit our help center. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing feedback! It helps us to improve on a daily basis.

Best, Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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