Sell The Pain, Not The Gain [Episode 321]

All living creatures are motivated by two things. The carrot and the adhere. Pain and pleasure.

The reality is that humans are more motivated by the reduction of pain than the gain of pleasure.

Which wreaks me to this. When the time has come to your market, you need to let people know of the consequences of not taking action. When you’re on the phone with beings, you need to have them verbalize the cost of staying where they’re at.

While we all want to paint the dream of how much better things will be once they’re able to do x, y, z, but the reality is that people need to be scared out of their heaves to take action.

This is something I coach my team on when they’re on the phone with promises who work a call to speak with us. As a coach, there are conversations you should not be afraid of having, and if you want to know what those exchanges are, you’re going to want to pay close attention to what I share with you and take notes.

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In This Episode I discuss:

00: 00- 01:50- Introducing Today’s Episode

01: 50- 04:50- The Motivation of Fear

04: 50- 07:33- Overcoming The Money Objective

07: 33- 08:16- Wrap Up With Yuri


What You Missed:

In our last bout, I addressed the fear a lot of health and fitness professionals have about contender and how to stand out in a multitude market.

My advice on this is to focus on the problem and not the contender .

When you worry about what your competition is doing, you’re not innovating. Instead, you end up duplicating your tournament in some manner and that does not move the needle in your business. What this doesn’t do is help differentiate you in the market or help you stand out.

When you focus on your clients, you shorten the competition.

If you missed this escapade, you can catch it right here: Compete Against The Problem, Not The Competition


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