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If you are one of our members, past, present, or future, I’m grateful for you. Your patronize mean we at Glo too have the opportunity to become a more cohesive crew. Our work livens us and you are a source of inspiration. Hearing from you is a gift.

Your stories share experiences of learning and life-changing transformation that impact the world. Revealing your vulnerability, you privilege us with your attention and cleverness to disclose deeper self-understanding and care.

We see ourselves in your narratives. You help us discover the world differently. You help us to see more nature. You challenge us and remind us of the positive gaps we compile together.

Thank you!

Inspired by your narratives, each month I’ll be sharing a communication with a member of Glo, which is something we dive penetrating into how their practise has affected their everyday life. This month, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alessa.

Alessa is now thirty-five having begun her yoga practice at sixteen. She is a speech therapist, cultivating primarily with children. She have spoken about how her practice extends her gumption of soul. Her main takeaway is that having a yoga practice is a gift and that consistency is the key.

My practice presents me how to breathe and move through difficult minutes. The more consistent I am, the more confident I am. In life, bad things happen, when bad things happen, I know I can get through them because I am acquiring inner abilities that allow me to deal with difficult minutes in the future.

When I rehearse I understanding of myself and it helps me develop a deeper sense of self, an internal knowingness that I will get through even when everything may not be okay. What a talent!

Compassion assists me to see the light in others. When I recognize a situation that seems unhealthy, instead of purely trying to point it out or even to be amended, I seem within and work on myself. This helps me was becoming increasingly compassionate with person going through a challenging situation. Compassion is an experience that changes ourselves even as it helps others.

Alessa showed a hope for humanity 😛 TAGEND

I wish more beings to be able to have deeper experiences, especially of seeing the beacon in themselves and in others.

Thank you, Alessa.

Alessa’s three favorite castes right now

Side Seam Wakeup Callwith Carole WestermanYin- 60 min

Chill Practice When You’re Tired with Stephanie SnyderHatha- 30 min

Let the Good Feelings Flow with Kathryn BudigVinyasa Flow- 30 min

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