Sports Massage vs. Swedish Massage

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Often goes we get asked the question, “what is the difference between Swedish massage and a athletics rub? ” They are both beneficial to help reduce pain and are equally relaxing. To get the most out of your massage, it’s best to know which one “wouldve been” best for you. So, what is the difference between a Swedish massage and athletics massage? Let’s break it down.

Swedish Massage

During a Swedish massage, your rub therapist will use soft, long strokes and incorporate effleurage. This massage is the most common and traditional massage.

Sports Massage

During a athletics rub, your rub healer will incorporate different modalities, including soothing extending or even trigger spot therapy, specific to your boast. This type of massage is designed to help recover and increase your range of gesture. It’s commonly used by athletes, either before or after a workout.

Both Swedish massage and boasts rub can both help 😛 TAGEND

Increase circulation

Improve range of flow

Decrease pain

Reduce stress

Increase joint flexibility

Relieve migraine pain


At Elements Massage, we furnish both Swedish massage and athletics massage. Each of its current session is tailor-make to your needs and is personalized to you. To schedule your massage, see this page .

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