Stay Alert on the Road: Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving

man driving while yawningWhen you’re locked and loaded in the driver’s seat of the car before taking off on a superhighway expedition, you’ve probably induced sure to pack snacks, potions and activities for everyone in the vehicle. But, to help ensure that your trip-up remains safe for you and your passengers, it’s also important to pay attention to the following tips to help prevent drowsy driving from taken away from the wheel.

Turn Up the Tunes

Music can be a great tool for helping exclude you notify and awake while in the car. If you find yourself getting tired while driving, come on the tunes and join in with singing the lyricals to awaken your mind and your melodic soul.

Stay Engaged

As miles pass by and the vistum starts to look all the same, it can be easy to let your mind wander and your attention to become diverted. If you’re traveling with friends, you are eligible to prevent drowsy driving at bay if you engage in conversation throughout the trip. Or, if traveling alone, make sure to pack some audio volumes and podcasts to keep your mind engaged during the trip.

Minimize Tension

Sitting in the car for long periods of time can eventually become painful and traumatic to your body’s muscles. To help keep your body in tune as you rack up miles on your vehicle, it’s important to focus on using correct posture while driving by saving your core close-fisted, shoulders pulled up and back, and arms/ elbows release. And, when you establish pit stops along the way, Elements Massage hints consuming some basic massage procedures to slacken knots and tension that may build up in your mas from being immobile for extended periods of time. Simply applying light pressure and rubbing your sore muscles in a kneading manner can help relieve muscle tension and stress, increase awareness, and eventually retain drowsy driving from creeping up during your trip.

In an effort to increase awareness of the risks associated with drowsy driving and to help reduce the number of fatigue-related slams on our nation’s highways and arteries, the National Sleep Foundation have been put in place Drowsy Driving Prevention Week( r) this year on Nov. 2-9. To cure see your next trip-up safer for you, your fares and others who share the road, Elements Massage suggests implementing these simple tips-off on your next superhighway junket. And, after you return from your next undertaking, make sure to visit your local Elements Massage studio to revive and rejuvenate your tired muscles and sentiment. Trip today to find the Elements location nearest to you.

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