Steam Inhalation Basics

Stuffy-headClear your pate!

Steam inhalation for sinus congestion coughings, or stodgy snout is very effective. To get huge solutions, all you need is 😛 TAGENDHot waterA bowlA towelOne sag of essential oil.Watch the video below for simple steam breath instructions:

Steam Inhalation is Simple!

This is a great way to stay health during freezing and flu season. Take a few minutes 2-3 times a week for steam inhalations to support the health of your respiratory tract. It’s prompt and effective!

Essential lubricants for steam inhalationEucalyptus globulous( for beings over 10 merely) Cedarwood( Juniperus virginiana) Black Spruce( Picea mariana)

There are other essential oils, I’m just giving you the ones that I like to use. If you are brand new to indispensable lubricants and steam inhalation, start with one of these three. Experiment , notice your experience, and then try other all-important petroleums. Remember, all you need is one drop- a bit departs a long way!

Acupressure Points for Sinus Congestion

Caring for ourselves naturally is even better when we combine different approaches. When I have a stuffy nose or sinus bottleneck, I use steam breaths and acupressure. Now that you have surmounted steam breaths, go check out acupressure points to relieve sinus congestion .

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