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    Vegetarian Sweet Potato Bibimbap

    Photos by Rikki Snyder Bibimbap! Have you heard of it? You will adoration it! What exactly is bibimbap? It’s a traditional Korean dish which is in accordance with “mixed rice”( bibi= desegregated, bap= rice ). A variety of sauteed, raw, and marinaded veggies are acted on top of grey rice with a fresh or over-easy […] More

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    Recipe | Sweet Potato & Kale Wraps

    Initially these were going to be burritos. Having never wrapped burritos before, they turned out a little flat. I was hoping no one would notice, but as soon as I gave my husband his, he was all,” This doesn’t look like a burrito at all! Burritos are round !” So I decided rather than making […] More

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