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    Vitamin C for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning?

    What is the clinical relevance of vitamin C among lead-exposed infertile men? Compared to controls, produce battery industry laborers given 1,000 mg of vitamin C every workday for three months experienced “a significant increase in sperm motility and sperm weigh, as well as decrease in abnormal seman, ” and “a significant reduction in the incidence […] More

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    What Happens When Pregnant Women Eat More Animal Protein

    Are high-protein diets during pregnancy hygienic or destructive? That question was answered about 40 years ago in the notorious Harlem Trial of 1976: a “randomized restrained tribulation of nutritional supplementation maternity, in a poverty-stricken color urban population in the United States.” The study, which I discuss in my video The Effect of Animal Protein on […] More

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