The Beginner’s Guide to Astrology

by The AstroTwins

Astrology helps you income a deeper understanding of your life paths and experiences. Here is your beginner’s guide to astrology.

It’s helpful to understand what astrology is accurately before we dive into the beginner’s guide to astrology. Human beings ought to have weighing the stars and planets since the sunrise of civilization. But astrology has evolved over eons.

As astrologer Kevin Burk gives it in Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart: “Astrology is the study of cycles/seconds. By observing the cyclical movements of the planets, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the rounds and decorations in our own lives. Astrology can be a potent tool for healing and conversion, and it can be a key that can unlock a greater spiritual connection to the universe.

” Although astrology is not fortune-telling, when skillfully applied, astrology can be an extremely effective predictive implement. On a personal level, astrology can be used to gain a deeper general understanding our individual life paths and life know-hows.[ It] can give us insight into our personal questions, our blueprints, our frights, and our dreams. We can gain insight into our aims in life and gain a stronger sense of self. Astrology is a tool that can help us understand and unlock our true potential, and that can teach us how to live in harmony with the universe.”

How to learn astrology, for amateurs Free will and astrology

As you learn about astrology, you’ll probably start doing your best friend’ maps, or ogling up zodiac signs of dreamy spouses and coworkers, family and friends–even “frenemies” and exes( try our free chart implement ). As you hone your brand-new starry superpowers, you’ll want to use them responsibly. Before looking at anyone’s chart or zodiac sign, take a moment to remind members( and yourself) that human being have free will, because we have consciousness. That means we can always draw our own options , no matter what the stars are doing. Even if we don’t like the circumstances that the stars seem to have caused, we can always choose how we respond to them. Astrology is not meant to be a substitute for personal responsibility or self-awareness, but rather, a tool to enhance it.

Your astrology chart gives you a blueprint–your” factory provides ,” we like to say. And the inconsistency is, the more you understand how you’re cabled astrologically, the more free will you gain. It’s like doing any personal growth work: you become aware of your “blind spots,” or the places where you were unaware. The dawns go on. You can see more–and that sets you free.

We are not victims of the stars, but rather, co-designers of this awesome cosmic canvas announced life. So as you share this information as a healing implement, be sure to emphasize that the goal is enlightenment, never fear. That is the crux of your beginner’s guide to astrology!

Is astrology a discipline?

Is astrology a discipline, a belief, something in between? It depends who “youre asking”, of course. While astrology is not a science by today’s definition, many astrologers follow the real scientific method of seeing first, then attracting opinions on the basis of the evidence they meet. Astrology is based on numerical guiding principles and measurable planetary actions. But also it’s also an instinctive skill, since prognosis and graph interprets rely on human interpretation.

Skeptic or cynic? A explanation

Many times, we’ve heard people say they are ” skeptical” about astrology, when they are really precisely rejecting it without any insight or know. While we’re no astro-pushers, we have developed an rational response to the naysayers. Our suggestion? Very than madly “believe” in astrology, follow the path of a true skeptic: someone who suspends judgment and discovers before extorting conclusions. Otherwise, you are actually a cynic. We inspire everyone to take a true-life skeptical approach as you learn astrology: try out the system of astrology( perhaps with a show learn) before shooting it down. Johannes Kepler, the largest 17 th century( Capricorn) mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, situated it best: “[ My] impression in the effects of constellations derives…from experience, which is so convincing it can be denied exclusively by people who have not examined it .”

Astrology is …

A valuable tool for self-awareness A personalized idea of fundamental human advises possessed by all people of all cultures and all time A gem map contributing its owner to the goal of a lifetime: self-actualization An stamp of the planetary/ universal coerces operating at the time of your birth, and an image of the segment your being chose to play in the narration A study of synchronicity A lifelong study& following A practical leader to the constructive usage, tendency& development of your distinct energies A practice of interpret the people you’re drawn to( or clash with )– and why Your own personal superstition or” hero’s journey” A scientifically-based philosophy … and a philosophically based science

Astrology is NOT …

A substitute for free will and alternative A tool to manipulate others A fated predestination( we are always concluding options) A planetary mistake Learned without act, study and observation

The Beginner’s Guide to Astrology: The 3-Part Puzzle

When we developed in partnership an astrology plot, we are concentrated on three areas that may help you understand how astrology works.

1. Planets: The Parts of Your Nature/ The Actors.

In the “movie of their own lives, ” countries around the world are the actors: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Each planet governs a specific aspect of your character or identity. For speciman, Jupiter shows where you’re lucky, Saturn uncovers your challenges, Mercury calculates your communication style, Venus affects your dreamy and aesthetic style.

2. Zodiac Signs: What Are You Like? The Roles.

The planets were all seeing specific zodiac signs when you were born.

The zodiac signs determine the personas the actors( planets) represent or the costumes they wear.

Zodiac mansions “modify” countries around the world, including nuance to their reputations. The zodiac begins in the spring with Aries, which is the first signed, and wanderings through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capircorn, Aquarius and finally to the last mansion, Pisces.

3. Houses: The Areas of Your Life/ The “Stage”

The 12 houses of the zodiac all represent different parts of your life, from work to home to relationships to career. The lives follow the progression of the zodiac signs–for example, the first live is ruled by Aries, the zodiac’s firstly signed. The seventh home is ruled by Libra, the zodiac’s seventh sign, and so on. The planets are the “residents” of these lives, traveling through each in their excursion around the Sun. The homes are the” movie provides” where the scenes of your life take place.

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