The Best Companies to Repair Your Credit

Late payments, judgments on your credit report, and accounts in default can be difficult to remove from your credit report, yet the best credit repair companies have experience on their side as well as the know-how to fix credit that may seem far beyond repair. With that being said, it’s important to understand that credit repair companies don’t offer any services you can’t do yourself. For example, you can negotiate with your creditors for a lower interest rate, get a free copy of your credit reports, and dispute any incorrect information you find without third party help.

Credit repair companies can take on this grunt for you, completing tasks that feel overwhelming or beyond your scope of abilities. The key to working with a credit repair company is making sure you’ve chosen a reputable firm, then giving them the information they need to get your credit on the right track.

Which credit repair company should you trust with your future? This question can be difficult to answer, especially since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that the credit repair industry is ripe with fraud. Shady credit repair companies tend to make promises they can’t keep, notes the FTC, including the promise to “erase bad credit” or remove bankruptcies and liens from your credit report forever.

Fortunately, we did all the hard work for you when we compared more than 20 credit repair companies that offer services throughout the United States. Lexington Law came out ahead against others in this field, but the rest of the firms that made our ranking stand out in their own way.

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Most Important Factors When Selecting a Credit Repair Company

Try to get a free consultation: Most reputable credit repair organizations will offer a free consultation that lets you explore your options before you commit. Taking advantage of this perk can help you decide if a credit repair company is a good match for your needs.
Look for companies with a lengthy record: Since new companies pop up all the time, it’s crucial to look for firms that have been around for a while. If a company is in business for more than 5 to 7 years, that’s usually a good sign.
Make sure companies you consider are licensed, bonded, and insured: Check on this important information before you move forward with credit repair. Also, read user reviews and take a look at rankings from third party agencies.
Know your rights: The Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) makes it illegal for firms to make outrageous claims they can’t back up. They are also barred from charging you before they perform any services. You’re also entitled to a written contract that outlines promised services, a three-day right to cancel with no charges, an itemized list of charges you’ll pay, and more.

The Best Credit Repair Companies of 2020

Credit repair companies provide an important service for consumers who feel entirely overwhelmed by bad credit and their financial situation. Yet, not all credit repair firms are created equal. We reviewed and compared a ton of details to find the best credit repair agencies offering services nationwide today. If you’re in the market for credit repair, you should start your search here:

Best For

lexington law review
Best Credit Repair Overall
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credit saint review
Best Money-Back Guarantee
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sky blue review
Best for Transparent Pricing
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credit people credit repair review
Best for Fast Results
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pyramid credit repair review
Best for Phone Support
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Best for Personalized Service
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Best for Credit Report Disputes
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Credit Repair Company Reviews

The companies we’ve highlighted above are highly rated in the credit repair industry with plenty of positive reviews. They also offer transparent pricing and a comprehensive list of services without making outrageous claims. Keep reading to learn what makes each company stand out, and why you might want to consider it:

Lexington Law: Best Credit Repair Overall

Lexington Law has been in the credit repair business since 1991, which makes them one of the most established businesses in this industry. This company offers assistance from credit repair attorneys, including a free 10-minute consultation to go over your current credit situation and all options available to you.

You can sign up for credit repair help from Lexington Law in every state except for North Carolina and Oregon, and they handle all aspects of credit repair ranging from disputing information on your credit reports to bankruptcies, collections, foreclosures, and more.

Lexington Law offers three credit repair plans that range from $89.85 for a basic plan to $129.95 per month for a plan with more services included. For example, their top tier plan includes credit repair basics like bureau challenges and free credit report alerts but you also get identity protection, cease and desist letters, and more.

Why This Company Made the List: Lexington Law is easily the most established and reputable credit repair firm in this industry.

Where it Falls Short: Some credit repair subscriptions are less expensive on a monthly basis.

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Credit Saint: Best Money-Back Guarantee

Credit Saint was originally founded in 2004, which means it also has some longevity on its side. This company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and excellent rankings from third parties including Consumers Advocate and Consumer Affairs.

Credit Saint offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can get a refund if they don’t meet the promises outlined in your contract within around three months. You also get a free consultation over the phone, and plans range from $79.99 per month to $119.99 per month. Also, note that this company charges a “first work fee” of $99 to $195 depending on the plan you choose.

Why This Company Made the List: Credit Saint is a highly rated credit repair firm that offers a solid 90-day money-back guarantee.

Where it Falls Short: You’ll pay an upfront fee to get started, and that’s on top of the monthly fee you’ll pay during your plan.

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Sky Blue Credit: Best for Transparent Pricing

Sky Blue Credit has been around since 1989, which speaks to the quality of their offerings and their reputation. This company offers an extremely transparent pricing model with a monthly fee of $79 for individuals or $119 per month for couples. Also be aware that, like Credit Saint, Sky Blue Credit charges a one-time setup fee that is equal to the monthly charges on your account.

Sky Blue Credit promises to help you monitor and track your credit score and dispute damaging items on your credit reports. They also offer debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and more at no additional cost. They’re backed by a money-back guarantee as well, so you can get a refund if this company’s customer service doesn’t live up to expectations.

Why This Company Made the List: Sky Blue Credit offers transparent pricing for individuals or couples as well as a money-back guarantee.

Where it Falls Short: This company charges a one-time setup fee in addition to the monthly fee for credit repair.

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The Credit People: Best for Fast Results

The Credit People promise meaningful results within 60 days, which is much faster than some other companies our list claim they can perform. This company has also been in business for more than 15 years, so they’re not new on the block by any means.

The Credit People offers the same basic credit repair services as other companies on this list, although their pricing model is rather different. You can get started for just $19 and pay only $79 per month, but you can also prepay $419 for six months of service. That brings the total monthly cost for six months down to less than $70 per month.

Why This Company Made the List: The Credit People has a lengthy history and solid reviews from third parties like BestCompany and Consumer Affairs.

Where it Falls Short: You have to prepay six months of service upfront to qualify for the best pricing available.

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Pyramid Credit Repair: Best for Phone Support

Pyramid Credit Repair has been in the business for more than 10 years, and they have a solid money-back guarantee. They also offer 24/7 customer support on the phone, which can be truly helpful if you’re someone who works odd hours and needs to work on their credit as issues pop up.

Pyramid Credit Repair also offers pricing that is easy to understand. A credit repair plan for singles is only $99 per month, but you’ll pay $198 per month if you need credit repair as a couple. On top of those plans, you can pay another $25 per month for 24/7 identity theft protection, credit monitoring including dark web monitoring, and $25,000 in identity theft insurance.

Why This Company Made the List: Pyramid Credit Repair has excellent reviews on Trustpilot as well as transparent pricing for singles and couples. They also offer 24/7 phone support.

Where it Falls Short: This company offers fair plans when it comes to a credit report, but don’t use them for credit monitoring and identity theft prevention. There are many credit monitoring companies that offer less expensive plans with more included services and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

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Ovation Credit Repair: Best for Personalized Service

Like others on our list, Ovation Credit Repair offers a free consultation and in-depth look at your credit situation and score. They also offer personalized credit help from a case advisor who will become intimately acquainted with your case, along with personalized dispute resolution and same-day service in some cases.

Plans cost either $79 or $109 per month depending on the level of service you require but also note that you’ll need to pay an upfront fee of $89 to get started.

Why This Company Made the List: Ovation Credit Repair assigns a knowledgeable case manager to your case, and they offer a range of personalized credit services.

Where it Falls Short: You’ll pay a hefty $89 “first work fee” to get started.

Learn More About Ovation Credit Repair Best for Credit Report Disputes makes some decent-sized claims when it comes to their record on disputing incorrect information on credit reports. In fact, they say they disputed an average of 28 items on each of their client’s reports in 2018. With that in mind, this company may be ideal for someone who has a lot of issues on their credit reports that need to be resolved. offers a pricing model that is easy to understand. You’ll pay $14.99 upfront to get access to your credit reports, plus $99.95 per month for services that include a personal credit repair dashboard, identity theft insurance, dispute resolution services, a mobile app, text alerts, and more.

Why This Company Made the List: promises to dispute all the problems found on your credit reports, with an average of 28 disputed items per client in 2018.

Where it Falls Short: This company charges a higher monthly fee than some competing firms.

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What You Need to Know About Credit Repair
You can repair your credit yourself.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is adamant that you can take the steps to repair your credit yourself. This includes disputing incorrect information on your credit reports, negotiating lower interest rates, and more.

The credit repair industry has lots of bad players.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) notes that there are a lot of shady companies that promise the world and ask for a lot of money in return. Make sure you only work with reputable credit repair companies that have been around long enough to prove themselves and consider checking companies you’re considering using this list of approved agencies by state from the U.S. Department of Justice.

You have legal rights under the CROA.

You have several important rights when it comes to credit repair thanks to the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). Before you sign up for credit repair with a third party agency, you should read over this act and all it entails.

How We Chose the Best Credit Repair Agencies

Credit repair is so important that you can’t simply go with the first company you come across. You need to do your due diligence to make sure any company you’re considering is reputable with a long history of success with their clients. With that in mind, here are the factors we considered for our ranking of the best credit repair agencies of 2020:

Transparent Pricing
Believe it or not, but not all credit repair agencies list their fees and credit repair packages online where you can find them. We think that’s a bad sign, so we only included firms that share pricing prominently on their website. We also considered whether each firm offers a free consultation on the phone since this perk can be immensely helpful for consumers trying to decide which company to use.

We gave preference to credit repair companies that have been in business for at least seven years. Newer companies may also offer excellent credit repair services and customer service, but they haven’t been around long enough for us to know for sure.

Most of the companies on our list offer their services nationwide, although some aren’t able to offer assistance in certain states. We gave preference to companies that offer services in the largest area possible, and preferably all over the United States.

Summary: Best Credit Repair Companies of 2020

Best Credit Repair Overall: Lexington Law
Best Money-Back Guarantee: Credit Saint
Best for Transparent Pricing: Sky Blue Credit
Best for Fast Results: The Credit People
Best for Phone Support: Pyramid Credit Repair
Best for Personalized Service: Ovation Credit Repair
Best for Credit Report Disputes:

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