The Best Credit Cards for Restaurants

Until recently, there were limited options for earning credit card reinforces while dining out. In the past few years, however, numerous premium rewards placards have determined restaurant expend just as rewarding as travel–a recognition of the fact that the two categories routinely go together.

In selecting a credit card that gives stages for dining, retain one of the cardinal rules: All levels are not created equal. Example: American Express Membership Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards tops are the most valuable at roughly two cents apiece. The Amex Gold card contributes four times per dollar on movement, for a net significance of eight pennies per dollar. The top-tier Hilton Honors Aspire card from American Express will relent seven times per dollar, which would appear to be a considerably better choice.

But guess what? Hilton times are worth approximately one half-cent each, obliging the fruit on the Aspire card less than half of what you’ll get from the Amex Gold. Before you devote yourself to a honors card, make sure you do the math–and likewise consider how rewarding the card is for the other categories where your spending is concentrated.

Here are some of the top options for diner spend, from the most rewarding on down 😛 TAGEND Citi Prestige

This card currently results the compres at 5 point per dollar at restaurants both in the U.S. and overseas. While Citi ThankYou extents aren’t worth quite as much as Amex or Chase, most informants significance them at 1.5 -1. 7 cents. The poster likewise pays 5X for air travel, 3X for inns and cruise orders and one point everywhere else. There’s a bonus of 50, 000 places after expend $4,000 in the first three months. The annual cost is $450.

American Express Gold

As mentioned, you get 4X for eateries various regions of the world, along with 4X at U.S. supermarkets( on the first $25,000 devote each year ), 3X on flights booked immediately with airlines or at, and one point elsewhere. The bonus is 35, 000 places after spending $4,000 in the first three months, and the annual cost is $250.

American Express Green

Thanks to a recent makeover, the venerable Green Card now opens 3X on dining worldwide, along with 3X on hasten( defined as airfare, hotels, auto rentals, safaruss, wandering organizations, campsites and home shares as well as transit) and one point on everything else. The annual fee is $150, and you pay 30,000 with spending of $2,000 in the first three months.

Hunt Sapphire Reserve

This is the card that started the rival in the dining room, with three points per dollar on worldwide dining( and traveling as well) together with one point abroad. The current signup bonus is 50, 000 sites after expend $4,000 in your first three months. Chase Ultimate Rewards qualities are worth 1.5 pennies apiece when exchanged through the Chase Travel Portal and are generally valued at virtually two pennies each. The annual cost recently proceeded up to $550; there’s a $300 annual wandering ascribe( automatically referred ), but you still need to do the math carefully before applying.

Hilton Honors Aspire From American Express

We mentioned earlier that the Aspire holds seven times per dollar on dining( at U.S. diners exclusively ), but the points themselves are generally valued at simply $0.05 -0. 06. Even so, it has other benefits for Hilton loyalists: 14 X per dollar on blames at Hilton hotels and useds, 7X on selected auto rentals or on flights booked directly with airlines or, and one point abroad. It also includes a $250 airline incidental reward credit, a $250 approval at Hilton recourses, and top-tier Hilton Diamond status. The poster comes with a bonus of 150, 000 Hilton Honors parts after spending $4,000 in your first three months, and the annual reward is $450.

Hilton Honors Surpass From American Express

For an annual cost of $95, you receive 6X at U.S. diners, supermarkets and gas stations, together with 12 X for commissions at Hilton qualities and one point for everything else. It also includes Hilton Honors Gold status and 10 free Priority Pass lounge stays every year, and it yields a bonus of 125, 000 levels after spending $2,000 in your first three months of poster membership.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The sibling to the Sapphire Reserve is easier to be approved for, and also offers some handsome compensations: two points per dollar on worldwide dining as well as travelling, and one point on all other acquisitions. The signup bonus is even higher than the Reserve at 60,000 phases for $4,000 in spending within your first three months. The annual reward is a comparatively low $95.

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards

If you’re interested in cash back rather than wages, this placard gives you 4% on all diner acquires( including fast food, Starbucks and food trucks ). You make a $300 cash bonus after spend $3,000 in your first three months. Even better, the $95 annual fee is forfeited the first year.

Pit Fargo Propel From American Express

Looking for eatery honors with no annual cost? This placard presents triple moment on dining( whether you go out or seek in ), along with airfare, hotels, auto rentals and gas stations. There’s a bonus of 20, 000 extents after spending $1,000 in acquires over your first three months.


There are now more alternatives to earn dining compensations than ever before. To maximize your returns, consider three causes: the value of the points, the annual fee, and how reinforcing the card is for other lists where your spending is concentrated.

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