The Best Gluten Free Cookies of 2020

The best gluten free cookies of 2020 are here, and they will not be ignored! Get that oven started–you’re not going to want to miss these treats.

Best Cookies of 2020 patchwork image of 18 types of cookies

Every year, we examine the year’s best gluten free cookies now on the blog. We’ve done it before( 2013 is here and now; 2014’s best is here; 2015’s best now; 2016’s best now and who could forget 2017′ s best now. Oh oh wait don’t leave out 2018′ s best. And 2019′ s cookie hall of prominence) Oh, look…We did it again!

How we decide which cookies perform the” best of” inventory

If you’re a gluten free cookie, and you want to make this list, you’d better have been published( or republished) on the blog in calendar year 2020. And you’d better be beloved.

Listen, the competitor this year was vehement, so some brand-new cookie recipes aren’t represented here. There are a whopping 18 cookies in this roundup, though.

Where are the actual recipes?

For each of the these best gluten free cookie recipes, please click on the link below each photo to see the full recipe for that particular cookie. It might sound crazy, but I have this Best Gluten Free Cookies of[ Current Year] in psyche the whole year.

If I don’t work hard enough on cookie recipes throughout the year, there won’t be enough for the roundup and I will have disappointed. And not just you…but myself. So I’ll meet you back here next year!

3 Gingerbread fudge puddles on a small white plate one with a piece missing

All the heated spices and a touch of molasses oblige these gingerbread gluten free fudge puddles a recreation spin on a classic cookie bowl. Some of you have already called these a” brand-new favorite .”

Closeup image of flourless peanut butter cookie on rack

These plain flourless peanut butter cookies are made simply with really 5 regular pantry ingredients, and have that crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. Use a sugar alternative, and they’re an shocking low-carb cookie!

Listen, there is no shortage of recipes for these simple cookies, but most of the recipes out there meet ugly cookies that have horrible composition. These are the real deal.

The ones you see in the photo are what they mostly all look like. Those aren’t only the few that turned out pretty. 🙂

Crinkle cookies on white paper, one with a bite taken

These gluten free chocolate wrinkle cookies, with the fudgy centre and crispy sugar husk, are a beautiful addition to being able to any anniversary cookie plateful. The confidential to guaranteed crackles on top is to dip’ em in confectioners’ carbohydrate not just once, but twice.

Just baked vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies, with texture visible close up.

These vegan gluten free chocolate microchip cookies are dense and additional chewy, and they’re perfect if you’re out of eggs or simply don’t eat them. No cooling expected!

Double chocolate cookies overhead image on a wire rack with a spatula

Rich and chocolatey, but never fudgy, these double gluten free chocolate cookies have melted chocolate and cocoa powder, plus chocolate chips.

Overhead image of green and red striped pinwheel cookies on a plate

Have some merriment this vacation season with sugar cookies originated into gluten free festivity pinwheel cookies. Just a single batch will be generated a cookie sheet to life, like supernatural!

Apple snickerdoodle bars overhead image of bars in pan and on small white plates

The slight tang and cinnamon-sugar flavor of snickerdoodles meets the rich apple flavor of apple butter in this simple recipe for gluten free apple snickerdoodle forbids. Cookie rails are cookies’ lazy cousin, and that’s a praise!

Stack of cowboy cookies with one on its side

There’s no chilling be adopted in order to obligate these large-scale, beautiful, nubby chocolate-brown chocolate chip gluten free cowboy cookies. Whatever their inception tale, these are universally beloved!

True story, I republished this cookie recipe during the election season, and I was worried beings were going to think I was being somehow partisan. What a year you’ve been, 2020!

Gluten free brownie crisps being dipped in milk

Rich chocolate gluten free brownie crispies have the impossibly crispy texture of the most hem of a well-baked pan of brownies. And yes, they’re cookies because they’re certainly not brownies and what else would you call them?

brownie cookies in tall stack

If you cherish brownies, but not the edges like the brownie crisps above, then this one’s for you. Gluten free brownie cookies have all the richness of brownies in a soft, chewy and tender cookie. They’re manufactured without chocolate microchips because they don’t need them!

Two potato chip cookies on separate small plates

The ideal salty-sweet cookie, these gluten free potato chip cookies have every texture you can imagine. They’re chewy on the inside and buttery-crisp on the edges, with the crunch of potato chips throughout.

Like all the cookies on such lists( and most cookies in general ), these freeze well–but they are best experienced at warm room temperature. That’s when they’re at their chewy best. Exactly let them thaw naturally.

Stack of bakery style sugar cookies with one on its side

These lovely bakery-style gluten free sugar cookies are chewy and filling, and have the tiniest part of zing for a slightly more complex cookie flavor. Dress them up, if you like, in nonpareils, or to be maintained simple.

Molasses cookies arranged on cake plate

These soft and chewy gluten free molasses cookies are perfect for lunchboxes or to enjoy with a goblet of sizzling cider. Remember these from Archway? They’re like that!

Sour cream sugar cookie bar on spatula

More than precisely carbohydrate cookies broiled into a prohibit, these gluten free carbohydrate cookie rails are extra tender and moist. The crackly vanilla sugar crust takes them over the top.

This recipe was an unexpected and enthusiastic hit with books. And here I thought they’d be hard to explain. Sometimes, I simply merely have to ride the blogging rollercoaster, sitting right next to you!

Gingersnaps falling out of glass jar overhead image

These gluten free gingersnaps, with exactly the freedom heated spices and a little cracked black pepper, are broiled low-toned and sluggish for the perfect, ultra-crispy texture. Store them in a glass container at office temperature and they’ll stay crisp!

Gluten free soft frosted sugar cookies decorated with sprinkles, sitting on rack

These soft gluten free cutout carbohydrate cookies with a meringue-type frosting are in a class by themselves. They’ll accommodated any figure you like, and they’re beautiful.

I feel like 2020 is the year these republished elegances finally got the attention they deserve. Sometimes, you just have to wait your turn, like everybody else!

gluten free vanilla wafers on a platter served with milk and a broken cookie

These gluten free “Nilla wafers” are the eventual crispy vanilla wafer cookie, impelled with plenty of butter and brown sugar. They savour just like Nabisco, and they’re better than any packaged gluten free variety.

4 flavors of basic Shortbread cookies on small plate

This versatile recipe for gluten free shortbread cookie mixture is ideal for impelling 5 flavor assortments that each delicacy perfectly definite. One recipe can make a beautiful cookie sheet all on its own.

The 5th mixture , not portrait, is the plain one. Poor Cinderella got stuck at home, doing the dishes.

Plate of many different types of Christmas cookies on a white round plate with silver trim

All but two of the cookies visualized above are on this” best of” roster. One objection is the plain, simple gluten free meltaway cookie. They’re just a never-ending favorite, and I happened to have made a quick batch, so they depicted up.

The other is soft gluten free gingerbread husbands. They’re on the plate because they got a brand-new how-to recipe video this year, which is worth seeing!

I hope you get all you wish for this holiday season. My wish for you is that you are able to bake, be merry, dine good food, and reveal yourself some kindness.

Like I ever say, may your holiday be happy and if it can’t be happy, tell it at least disappear speedily. 2021 is going to be a good one. I can feel it!

Much love, Nicole

Small brown kraft box filled with assorted Christmas cookies

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