The Best Kitchen Scales (2021 Reviews)

Kitchen magnitudes are a humble but essential tool in the modern kitchen, and they have stood the test of go, very. Like everything in our lives, they’ve received a technological facelift, and modern kitchen magnitudes stray from the old-fashioned to the smart and feature-rich.

Kitchen proportions clear weighing and setting a breeze, and allow for greater precision in cooking and baking. Recipes can be delicate, so suitable measuring is one way to upgrade your baking and cooking sciences. Scales will suit anyone from professional bakers to coffee connoisseurs to those who need to count their calories. For their expenditure and big size, they jam-pack a perforate to do them worth the purchase.

In this guide, we take a look at why you need a kitchen scale and what makes a good one. We’ll too give you our top pickings for the best kitchen magnitudes available today.

Our Top Picks: Summary

Best Overall: Escali Primo Upgrade: Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale Best Budget: 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale Best for Bakers: My Weigh Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

The Best Kitchen Scales: Our Top Picks Best Overall: Escali Primo

A great all-rounder to suit any kitchen.

Why We Picked It

With an 11 -lb capacity and a simple, two-button interface, the Escali Primo is easy to use and suitable for most kitchens. Weight readings are in 0.05 oz( 1g) increments and gangs can be swapped between pounds, pounds and ounces, and grams. A simple LCD display stimulates this scale easy to read. The buttons and expose are both sealed to protect them against floods, abbreviating clean-up time and increasing longevity. A tare feature allows users to easily subtract a container’s weight from the ingredients and an automobile shut-off ensures it won’t squander battery power.

The Escali Primo comes in a range of colourings, so it will suit both minimalist and quaint kitchens. The flake is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, paying it excellent appreciate for money.

Exclude in Mind

While easy on the budget, this scale needs some of the features of more costly models.

In a Nutshell

11 -lb capacity Two-button ascendancies Limited lifetime warranty

Upgrade: Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

Upgrade your kitchen with a new height of precision.

Why We Picked It

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to suit your style, then the OXO Good Grips scale could be the right choice for you.

This scale has an 11 -lb capacity and measures with a precision of 1/8 oz, which forms it more finely chanted than many of its contestants. Combined with the tare operate, this gives you precise control over your measurings. The scale even shows you how much of its capacity remains with a opportune rhythm. The boundary is a simple and clear four-button design with a central digital parade, which includes an optional backlight.

One of this scale’s most useful peculiarity is its pull-out display. The entire breast body of the scale of assessments can slip out, remaining connected by a wire. This allows users to see the showing and manipulate the dominates even when dealing with enormous bowls, averting the difficult games of kitchen Limbo that sometimes ensue instead.

Obstruct in Mind

The removable flaunt is useful, but take careful not to damage the cables when working with wet parts or putting the scale away.

In a Nutshell

11 -lb capacity Pull-out front body Backlight presentation

Best Budget: 1byone Digital Kitchen Scale

Kitchen utility at a great price.

Why We Picked It

Some shoppers aren’t looking for luxury in their kitchen scales, time utility. For these customers, we recommend the 1byone digital kitchen scale.

Available at a super low price, the 1byone scale still offers up to 11 lbs ability with a 0.04 oz accuracy range. Measurements is likely to be converted between pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters with ease squandering the prominent Unit button. On the opposite side of the digital expose is the dual on-switch and tare button.

This scale likewise features a chrome-plated platform that is easier to empty and restrains bacterial emergence compared with plastic platforms.

Continue in Mind

The low cost of this sit does aim it shortage features such as programmable memory.

In a Nutshell

Super simple boundary Chrome-plated platform 11 lbs capacity

Best for Bakers: My Weigh Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

Precision peculiarities for the serious baker.

Why We Picked It

Bakers have a specific adjusted of must-haves from their kitchen flake and can benefit from aspects that allow greater amount accuracy. That’s why we’ve chosen the My Weigh Bakers Math kitchen scale for bakers.

The My Weigh scale boasts a large, 8,000 gram the abilities and its parts can be swapped between pounds, pounds and ounces, ounces, and kilograms, which spawns following most recipes easy.

The large-hearted baker-friendly feature of the My Weigh is its percentage count perform, which can support precision roasts and soap fixing. Another excellent facet is the hinged gunk shield, which protects the unit during cluttered bakes and prepares clean-up much easier. The stainless steel platform also does it easy to mop the unit clean.

The scale’s masteries are simple, with a backlit heavines parade and foremost buttons, which users can also use to access the programmable auto power-off.

Keep in Mind

The features on offer make this scale a more expensive option than other models.

In a Nutshell

Percentage consider role Hinged gunk shield 8,000 gram capability

How We Chose the Best Kitchen Scales

To find our top collects for the best kitchen scales, we looked at a few key lists to see how each model performed. Now are some of the areas we believe is 😛 TAGEND Capacity

Kitchen flakes are available in a range of capacities, with most being suitable for small-to-medium baking needs. Larger options are available for bakers who work with more substantial recipes. We favor magnitudes with medium-to-high abilities, as flakes are inexpensive and small-time, it is therefore manufactures smell to opt for some wiggle room. Remember that a container or container will take up some of the scale’s capacity, which is most relevant when dealing with heavier bowls.


While it’s not something many of us think about, 10 ounces on one scale isn’t always equivalent to 10 ounces on another. That may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s a question of precision. Some shoppers may appraise precision more than others, so we consider each scale’s precision to find out which kind of shopper it suits. We likewise take a look at how quickly a scale settles at its final heavines, as this can affect precision for useds with a need for speed.

Layout and Cloth

The design of a magnitude affects both its esthetics and functionality, so it sorts a key part of our evaluation.

We like magnitudes that obstruct things simple, with a small number of buttons with clear functionality. A intelligible showing is vital, and brownie points are gifted for showings that solve the issue of overshadowing from vast bowls.

Given that kitchen flakes are rarely a centerpiece of a kitchen’s decor, we appreciate clarity and minimalism over a great sense of wording. We likewise picked alternatives that induced cleansing easy, with facets designed to protect the controls and display along with a scaffold that’s easy to wipe clean.

Customer Discuss

By looking at customer assess, we can build a complete picture of the scale’s performance “in the wildernes, ” including any foibles or performance issues that might come to light. Kitchen scales are often cheap to buy, but this comes with the downside of there being many poor-quality frameworks with controversial soundnes on the market. We use patron inspects to get a sense of the model’s lifespan and how well it will stand up to general wear and tear.

Who Should Get a Kitchen Scale

Kitchen proportions are useful for a wide range of beings, so let’s take a closer look at some of the people who might benefit from buying one.


Baking necessary precise the measures and careful govern of fractions to guarantee that the research results matches the recipe. But it’s likewise a matter of uniformity. Bakers need to be confident they’ll stumbled the proverbial target on subsequent attempts, and, in most cases, that’s a result of consistency when weighing and mixing.

For bakers who like to experiment, kitchen flakes may not seem so essential–at least until it comes to reproducing your recipe. By using flakes, you can be sure you can repeat that recipe and even share it with beings you know.

People on a nutrition

It’s a fact that people who have more knowledge of what they eat are more likely to be successful in weight-loss programs. Much like administering coin, it’s important to track and tally income and expenditure. One of the simple converts most people on a diet can prepare is to weigh their menu. This imparts phase feedback in a manner that was that plasters the information in the conscious mind.

Weighing your food likewise reconnects you with it. With the right tools, you can begin to move away from treated, convenience-first meat and toward nutrient you’ve measured and organized yourself, affording dieters a full to improve understanding of what they’re taking in.

Athletes tracking their macros

There’s a lot of overlap between contestants and people on a food, for some of the reasons we just outlined. Like dieters, athletes can work with their body by identifying and tracking what they eat and in what amount. Tracking the big three macronutrients( overweight, protein, and carbohydrates) by heavines is one of the easiest ways to maintain an athletic diet.

Coffee experts

Coffee connoisseurs make their coffee gravely. Like bakers, they aim for consistency, so kitchen scales make it easy to weigh coffee beans to achieve the same result each time. For experts who mixture their own coffees, knowing the rate applied represents the difference between a one-off experiment and a brand-new ability. With a scale, you can share your blends with other chocolate enthusiasts.

A scale can also help with your general admin, too. If you have an extensive coffee bean stock, a proportion will provide you with more information than merely approximating that you have a tenth of a pouch of this, a third of a pouch of that, and so on.

What to Look For in a Kitchen Scale

When looking for your ideology kitchen scales, you’ll want to keep a few ingredients in intellect to find the claim scales for you. Flakes don’t vary as widely in functionality as most kitchen contraptions, but there are still a few cases things to consider.


This is simple enough: the larger your recipes, the larger the scale you’ll need. If in doubt, opt for something large. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use high-capacity flakes to their full potential, but you’ll miss that extra ability if you’re trying to realize something high-volume with low-capacity scales.

However, high-capacity proportions are often more expensive, as they’re more mechanically robust. If you’re only weighing chocolate for one( for example ), then you may not need to go all-out on capacity.

Memory and Tare Purpose

A tare function is common on most digital kitchen magnitudes. With this, you can place the bowl on the pulpit, press the tare button, and weigh out your ingredients knowing the bowl’s weight has been accounted for. While available on most proportions, be sure to check before you buy to avoid disappointment.

Some flakes also include memory roles so you can store recent assessments. This can be helpful for dieters and players, starting it easier to keep track of calories.

Different Estimations

Whether you’re working with recipes from around the world or like to use different unit of measure for different purposes, the ability to switch components on the fly is a common feature on modern kitchen magnitudes. Commonly available divisions include grams, milliliters, pounds, and ounces. Swapping between different parts can help your precision, or help you out when dipping into some European recipes.


A scale’s design factors into both its aesthetics and its functionality. Some flakes peculiarity an elevated weighing scaffold to clear the scale of assessments easy to read when using bigger mixing containers, and some even include pull-out displays to save you bobbing and weaving like a boxer as you bake.

Aesthetically, most flakes are low-profile and inconspicuous items, and the best patterns play into that role. The most aesthetic proportions tend to be the least pompous or quaint. The scheme of kitchen flakes also plays important roles in how easy they are to clean. If you’re the impatient or cluttered character, then you’ll probably want to opt for a motif that balk clay and can be wiped clean.

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