The Monthly Fix: How to Read a Food Label

The Monthly Fix is the monthly companion to Beachbody’s premium nutrition program, Ultimate Portion Fix, created by Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese. Learn more about The Monthly Fix.

In the June Topic Video for The Monthly Fix, Autumn does a late dive into how to read a menu nutrition label.

Reading a food name and understanding what’s on it can help you choose the menus that fit your healthful eating plan.

At first glance, a meat name can search a little intimidating, but it’s actually easy to understand once you know what to look for.

Autumn breaks down an example food label, focusing on serving size, percentage of daily importance, and the ingredient directory and explains what each section means.

Food label graphic

Here are some of the meat description knowledge that Autumn embraces 😛 TAGEND

The part schedule isn’t random; the ingredients are listed in order of how much of that part is in the food. Sugar can ” secrete” under many different lists, like “dextrose,” ” sucrose ,” and “high-fructose corn syrup.”

Knowing what’s in your nutrient, how much of an ingredient is in your menu, and the percentage of daily quality will assist you oblige informed decisions when you’re shopping for menu and help you balance your eating throughout the day.

For more information on how to curb your craves and acquire the principles of portion control work for the long-term, sign up for The Monthly Fix and check out the June Topic Video.

With The Monthly Fix, there’s an display of resources and tools to assist you supplanted: school videos, expert interrogations, recipes, and of course, the Portion Fix Exclusive Community, so you’ll never be left alone on your weight-loss journey.

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