The Portland Tarot: April 19 – 25

Portland Tarot: April 19-25 | California PsychicsThe Power of Tarot

“In the end, it is always better to stay the quest because the’ safe practice home’ is the true illusion.” -Theresa Pridemore, Jamie Morris

This quote, by the Portland Tarot’s makes, summing-ups up the ethnic ethos of this grandly “trippy” and diversified municipality. Through its Major Arcana likeness, this floor exposes the deeper attitudes and hypothesis Portland beings utilize and experience as a way of life.

We can see, genuinely, through this lens that “all who stray are not lost” since we are peer through the thick-skulled dark-green brambles and glimpse our own destinations, even if they may be far off and a little hazy.

We cycle the aqueducts over the rivers to contact deeper into the heart and gut of our dreams. We pour magic potions onto the sidewalks. We grow roses that strew the landscapes, and everyday is Earth Day.

Portlandia bless all who live beneath her rainbow signal with endowments. Like sapphires of composure and peridots of peacefulnes, with a few Voodoo donuts in the desegregate! But, the majority of cases, believe it or not, everyday life goes on as usual. Even in Portland.

Specifically for the week onward, on Wednesday( Earth Day) the luminaries, sunbathe and moon, mix sweetly during the New Moon at the exact degree of the moon’s exaltation in Taurus. It is in beautiful Venus’ domain! Maybe, we’ll reach Nirvana, yet.

April 19- Sunday

The Sun

You’ll be feeling idealistic and ready for adventure today. If there isn’t one helpful, think up your own. You will feel full of energy and determination. Creative intuitions will be exploding in your heading. Approach everything with playfulness. Actually go out in the sunlight. You “il be seeing” things that have been hidden in shadows. Try some of those new ideas you are getting because your luck is strong now. Drop self-consciousness and be expressive.

April 20- Monday

The St. John’s Bridge

You will be receiving bursts of revelation into how to start self-transformation. It will include romance, lifestyle, your place, and your busines. You bring your strength and weaknesses to this crucial moment.

So, what does your converted ego truly look like, act like, visualize, and feel like? Take a few minutes to envisage today.

The stairs you need to take across the bridge to your goals, the sentiments, and resources you need,( magical and otherwise) will stop you into your dream!

April 21- Tuesday

The Star

All will be well if you follow the letters of your feeling. There is illuminated at the end of the tunnel and revived hope today. Follow your idol because your expertises will be recognized. Healing is likely. Remember to pass it on to others.

April 22- Wednesday

The Fool

Happy Earth Day!

If you have an open, “beginner’s mind” today it will guide you to something immense. A brand-new wander is on the table for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be aware of the Fool’s cliff on this card, but be brave and walk close to it. If you find yourself at a crossroads, take the path that feels best to your mettle. Go onward and be innocent and conclude! The Force is with you.

April 23- Thursday


On this poster, as our figure in the red jogging gear does ready to ascend, the shocking “angel of judgment” grins down at her. This, actually amiable, angel has tattooed legs and play video games a saxophone!

These two are portrait under a waxing crescent-shaped moon, brand-new expansion is budding. Judgment is such a positive poster, signaling a rise for you from one height to a higher one today in some important-to-you area. A brand-new life attitude may present itself. Someone forgives you and a load is filched. You’ll receive a second chance, or a third, or a fourth.

So, very, be a “hip angel who heralds others through the keyhole of their potential.”( Pridemore, Morris)

April 24- Friday

The Lovers

Passion and fiction skin-deep for you today. Sexual energy scintillates. Have fun, but make choices aligned with your Highest Good. Remember, the best loves are also the best friends. At the same time, think out of the box about relations. Don’t prejudge your “type”. Roll with what the Universe presents if it nourishes your heart.

April 25- Saturday

The City

Wholeness, consummation, and charm predominate. Celebrate! Meditate on how you are safe in the world. The long season of gray-haired is over now. You are successfully ending a cycle today. You feel in harmony with all that is. The City card( The World ), flower in the spring, is simply a pink, violet, and green desire rocket of pure enchantment. Emphatically go outside and experience the view. Really maintain a safe interval from others who are doing the same.

Fun Spreads to Try: The Creative Block-Buster and the Daily Commute

Shuffle the cards well and lay them face down on the table as you meditate on your current challenge. Pull three placards haphazardly from the floor while you are concentrated on your question. Arrange them vertically, top to bottom, and predict in the same manner.

The Creative Block-Buster Spread

Card One: The Block

What is suffocating your invention?

Card Two: The Key to Inspiration

What energy in the form of a person, lieu, or thing will unlock it?

Card Three: What Awaits Expression

What will your brand-new creation definitely sounds like once it is set free?

Some further food for thought 😛 TAGEND

Shuffle again and situate the cards face down. Focus on whatever it is you most need to know today to achieve your desires. Pull five cards haphazardly from the floor and format them vertically, bottom to top, and read them in that order.

The Daily Commute Spread: “Punch the clock of Consciousness every day! ”( Portland Tarot)

Card One: Positive Possibilities Alert

What possibilities and opportunities meet you along the way?

Card Two: Rough Road Warnings

What would block their manifestation?

Card Three: Inventive Glimmerings

What is feeling intimating to you right now?

Card Four: You’re on the Right Track!

What signeds and affirmative forebodings is the Universe giving you that tell you “Yes”?

Card Five: Friendly Re-direction

How can you correct and get back on trend?

May the “hip angels” of the world be with you this week! See you soon.

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