This baby interrupting his mom’s live weather report is the cutest thing you’ll see today

Baby on the move! There is no stopping adorable Nolan now that he can walk during Mommy’s( @abc7leslielopez) prediction. #Love #goodmorning #ThursdayThoughts #Babies #TheBest @ABC7 jvUcaSMyGi

— Brandi Hitt (@ ABC7Brandi) January 28, 2021

Remember that clip that led viral in 2017, where political science professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed on BBC about something super serious when he was hilariously ended by his adorable babies walking into the room? In the before-times, videos like that were pretty uncommon, but with the pandemic force many mothers to work from residence with girls around, there have been more of these videos than ever.

But perhaps the very best one ever happened yesterday.

Leslie Lopez, the morning meteorologist for ABC7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles, was doing what she does each morning: broadcasting the day’s weather from the security concerns of her DIY home studio. But on this day, she had a bit of a surprise.

In the video, Lopez is provides information on a hurricane that was on its way to Southern California when abruptly her lad, 11-month-old Nolan, looms at her hoofs and seizures her legs. Shocked to see him there, Lopez can’t stop herself from chuckling at first. But ever the professional, she gets through the forecast in spite of her surprise visitor, and even deforms down to pick him up while still doing her responsibility flawlessly.

As she wraps up the segment, comprising Nolan on her hip, she says jokingly, but with an air of abandonment, “He walks now guys , so I’ve lost all control.”

Twitter immediately couldn’t get enough of the excerpt. But it wasn’t merely the sweetness of the moment that parties enjoyed. Numerous were praising Lopez’s ability to multitask and handle the situation with grace and humour. Others said this was a perfect example of the strength of a baby; as one Twitter users said, “What you have here is a peeling back of the curtain. Moms have always been superwomen. You can just see it up close now.” And there is indeed countless saying that the days of deterring our personal lives completely separate from our professional men are over–and that that’s a good thing.

Even seasoned word broadcaster Dan Rather praised Lopez 😛 TAGEND

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Says Preferably:” Sometimes working from dwelling signifies unexpected cameos. A gratuity of the Stetson to this pro, @abc7leslielopez, and her’ aide’ for the heart-warming weather forecast .”

He’s right: She’s a total pro–and an astonishing momma, too.

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