Top health insurer to launch lifestyle-based program for controlling type 2 diabetes

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A lifestyle-based program dedicated to improving type 2 diabetes see — and potentially achieving diabetes remission — will soon be offered to hundreds of thousands of Americans protected with UnitedHealthcare.

As reported in a recent article by diabetes advocacy radical diatribe, UnitedHealthcare members who have been diagnosed with category 2 diabetes within the past 24 months are eligible for the Level2 curriculum. Those who enroll in Level2 will be provided with a Dexcom G6, a ongoing glucose monitor( CGM) that racetracks blood sugars in real hour, along with a FitBit device that records daily activity.

In addition, players will be given an app that allows them to receive personalized remote coaching from dietitians, nurses, and other diabetes professionals at no additional cost.

In a press release discussing an unpublished captain study of 790 people who completed Level2, UnitedHealthcare reported that some participants achieved diabetes remission, which the study defined as an HbA1c below 7% without taking medication. Harmonizing to that press release, to date, the program has helped eliminate the need for more than 450 prescriptions among participants.

At Diet Doctor, we end this as another signaling of the paradigm shifting away from diabetes medications and toward a lifestyle approach that not only improves blood sugar control but may in fact to be translated into diabetes remission.

Although insurance companies often cover CGMs for beings with type 1 diabetes, they do so far less often for those with type 2 diabetes. So we think it’s exciting that a producing healthcare insurer is providing CGMs to people with character 2 diabetes so they can learn how different nutrients and work affect their blood sugar.

With their CGM data, together with personalized instructing and substantiate, they’ll is well positioned to figure out what they need to do to keep their blood sugar well controlled at all times — not just first thing in the morning or two hours after munching. For most people with sort 2 diabetes, blood sugar control improves when following a low-carb lifestyle.

We applaud UnitedHealthcare for taking this important step, and we hope that other health insurers will soon offer same programs to their members with character 2 diabetes.

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