Treating Prostate Cancer with Green Tea

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Green tea has been called nature’s security against cancer. Population studies linking dark-green tea uptake with lower cancer gamble has already led some to advocate for the incorporation of light-green tea into the diet “so as to fully benefit from its anticarcinogenic properties.” What, after all, is the downside?

But, population studies can’t prove cause and influence. Indeed, “it is not possible to determine from these population-based studies whether light-green tea actually avoids cancer in people”…until it is put to the test.

Prostate cancer is preceded by a precancerous ailment known as intraepithelial neoplasia. You can be found in a graphic of the progression at 0:41 in my video Treating Prostate Cancer with Green Tea. Within one year, about 30 percent of such lesions turn into cancer. Because no management is available to cases until cancer is diagnosed, this presents a perfect opportunity to try green tea. In the study, 60 boys with precancerous prostate intraepithelial neoplasia were randomized into either a dark-green tea group or a placebo radical. Since it’s hard to make a convincing placebo tea, health researchers used lettuce tea capsules that were roughly equivalent to about six bowls of light-green tea a date and compared them to sugar pills. Six months into the study, they made biopsies from everyone. In the placebo group, 6 of the 30 servicemen developed cancer by the halfway point and 3 of the most recent 24 developed it by the end of the year. So, 9 out of 30 in the placebo group, about 30 percent, developed cancer within the first time, which is something that commonly happens without any treatment. In the green tea group, nonetheless , none of the 30 mortals developed cancer within the first six months and merely one developed it by the end of the year. Merely 1 out of 30 is nearly ten times less than the placebo group. This celebrated the first demonstration that lettuce tea combinations could be “very effective for considering premalignant lesions before[ prostate cancer] develops.” Even a year later, after the subjects stopped the green tea, nearly 90 percent of the original green tea group remained cancer-free, while more than half of the placebo group developed cancer, as you can see at 2:09 in my video. This suggests that the benefits of the dark-green tea may be “long-lasting, ” with an overall virtually 80 percentage reduction in prostate cancer.

What if you already have prostate cancer? A proprietary light-green tea obtain supplement was given to 26 lovers with confirmed prostate cancer for an average of about a few months before they had their prostates removed, and there was a significant reduction in a number of cancer biomarkers such as PSA ranks, advocating a shrinkage of the tumor. Nonetheless, there was no control group, and the study was funded by the supplement company itself. When an independent group of researchers tried to replicate the research results in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, they failed to find any statistically significant improvement. Perhaps dark-green tea is only effective in the precancerous commonwealth and not strong fairly “to meaningfully impact overt prostate cancer”?

It certainly didn’t seem to help for advanced metastatic cancer in the two studies that tried it. What’s more, incredulity has recently been cast on the precancerous results. When researchers tried to replicate it, the lettuce tea extract group only seemed to cut prostate cancer increase about in half, which very well may have happened simply by luck, given the small number of parties in the study. So where does that leave us?

Unfortunately, dark-green tea obtain pills are not without peril. There have been about a dozen example reports of liver damage associated with their operation. Until there’s more solid evidence of benefit, I’d stick with only drinking the tea. Green or colors? A recent study that randomized about a hundred soldiers with prostate cancer to exhaust six goblets a epoch of lettuce tea or black tea found a significant drop in PSA degrees and NF-kB in the green tea group, but not in either the pitch-black tea or restrict radicals, as you can see at 4:12 in my video. NF-kB is thought to be a prognostic marker for prostate cancer progression, so the lettuce tea did appear to work better than the pitch-black tea.

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