Using Props to Enhance Education

Nutrition education is a dynamic implement used to empower beings to determine healthful meat and liquid selections. Effective nutrition coaches increase learning by tailor themes to the needs of their audience( s ).

As graduate students, we’ve had the opportunity to educate individuals of varied senilities and abilities who endeavour nutrition information, life-style alteration and/ or health progress. Understanding that separate strategies are necessary to engage people with varied teach styles, “weve created” a 3D atherosclerosis simulator to involve kinesthetic learners in studying feeling health.

Inspired by a large-scale display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA, the arteries( visualized below) were erected consuming clear PVC pipes, PVC pipe caps, grey silicone caulking, red glass masterpieces and mineral petroleum. The adaptable PVC pipes represent arterial walls and the silicone caulking represents rigid plaque accumulation. Inside, the cherry-red glass gems represent red blood corpuscle while the mineral lubricant acts as blood plasma. The simulator testifies( in real period) that blood spurts more slowly in atherosclerotic veins because of the presence of arterial plaque.

By building props, we were able to present pathophysiology with a relatable, easy-to-understand visual. This’ hands-on’ approach helped witness grasp key concepts and inspire behavior change.

The simulators are currently being used by the Department of Athletics Medicine and Nutrition to enhance nutrition education at the University of Pittsburgh and its neighboring communities.

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