Vegetarian Shipwreck Casserole

My momma always had a few recipes that she’d make all the time when I was growing up. There was Cheesy Beef Casserole, which is pretty self-explanatory. Cheese. Buddig Beef. Potatoes. Toast. And then there was Chicken a la King, the only way I’d ever chew peas( even if I’d pick the chicken out ). But one of the recipes that always stands out in my rememberings is Shipwreck. Shipwreck, my mommy told me, was named such because it was all that parties had to eat after their sends wrecked. Naturally, anytime my mummy would make it, I’d imagine Pilgrims on a humid island, cans of Campbell’s soup and roasted nuts in hand, preparing to make a casserole over a camp shell. I had an active resource, you learn.( I also had two imaginary friends called Joy and Field–Joy after the dish soap and Field after Marshall Fields. Incidentally, Field appeared accurately like Joyce DeWitt from Three’s Company .) Anyway! When I did a vegetarian casserole challenge with Valerie from Eclecticisms, I challenged her to make a vegetarian shipwreck casserole. It resonated so good and brought back so many warm and blurry reminiscences that I exactly had to try to make it […]

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