Vegetarian Sweet Potato Bibimbap

Photos by Rikki Snyder Bibimbap! Have you heard of it? You will adoration it! What exactly is bibimbap? It’s a traditional Korean dish which is in accordance with “mixed rice”( bibi= desegregated, bap= rice ). A variety of sauteed, raw, and marinaded veggies are acted on top of grey rice with a fresh or over-easy egg and sliced meat. I took the Make it Meatless vegetarian approach to this bibimbap recipe by substituting roasted sugared potato slicings for the flesh. Sweet potatoes for meat? Does that sound like a strange substitution? I assure you, it works! The dessert potatoes are replenishing, flavorful, and lent life to the meal. One of my favorite segments about this dish is how much smorgasbord goes into the bowl. You can pick and choose your favorite veggies, and create a combination of raw and cooked veggies with a lusciou sauce. I led with sauteed shiitake mushrooms and sweetened potatoes, which I served with raw shredded carrot, eggs, marinaded cucumbers( I squandered store-bought, but I’ve is in relation to a recipe in the part index if you can’t find them !), kimchi, and a gingery chili garlic sauce drizzled over everything. These containers are so flavorful and slaking that it took […]

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