Want to Vend or Volunteer at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn?

Calling all foodies, wilies and seva celebrities: we’re bear lotions to become part of the wizard that is Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn!

Join the Wonderful, Wanderful Volunteer Crew


Curious about what happens behind the scenes at our affairs? Apply to be a Wanderlust volunteer! Wanderlust is a volunteer-driven event and use your help. Our volunteer crews get an inside look at the workings of our episodes and are an integral part of preparing Wanderlust a transformational event for all of our attendees.

This year, the only volunteering opportunity is at our Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn event, so snap up a spot to be part of the team realizing it happen.

Apply to Volunteer at Wanderlust 108 ! Vendors Make the #bestdayever Complete


Wanderlust searches high-quality craft merchants of all kinds, with a special focus on sustainably and ethically reached commodities from different parts of the world. The Kula Market will host artisans, jewelry makers, decorators, and health and wellness professionals who share their unique products and services with the Wanderlust community.

We look for high-quality artisans with specialties such as 😛 TAGEND

Yoga supplements Handmade jewelry One-of-a-kind draping Small-batch bath and beautiful makes

We also include highly-curated import collects and non-profits. Our patrons are predominantly adult maids( though we have an increasing number of men ), and they’re highly educated and passionate about health, wellness, and self-conscious living. For more information about the vending in the Kula Market, check out our Vendor Guide.


vending Wanderlust charities( and needs) huge nutrient merchants, particularly those who specialize in locally developed, organic foods that special guests crave. Kale salads, buddha containers, grass-fed burgers, and wood burnt pizza populate the co-op menus with a special focus on gluten- free, fresh, and seasonal foods.

New for 2021, we’re including luncheon voucher for both breakfast and lunch with our Premium tickets at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn. Not only does this guarantee customers for our dealers, we’ll be able to survey them in advance of the phenomenon to measure interest in your particular meat. Booths penalty exclusively $200 ($ 400 is payable in advance, but $200 is likely to be payed at the phenomenon if you vend ). If you constitute menu that’s healthful, unique and fantastically tasty, satisfy apply now.

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