“We decided to divorce—then the lockdown happened”

I make $150,000 a year, but my husband has me on a monthly allowance: $400 a month to spend on myself. If, say, I disappear $60 over, I start the next month $ 60 in the hole. He’s always been very governing about money. At the beginnings of our matrimony, nine years ago, I meditated perhaps I needed a bit of that in my life. But then I started spawning more than him. I wanted to enjoy my money, and I asked to revisit this allowance. He said no. I contemplated, “What am I doing? I’m being treated like a child.”

We have a very traditional household. I cook, I scavenge, I take care of our seven-year-old twins. Don’t even get me started on the sex–it’s time one-sided. The rancor started to grow. He has actually asked me, “When was the last time you emptied the baseboards? ” We had this huge blowout last-place summertime, and I let out everything that was bothering me. I told him I was sick and tired of feeling like individual employees in our union. I said, “I was necessary to separate.”

The plan was to tell the teenagers after the school year ended and sell the house in June. This worker is not going anywhere till we end our commerces. We sleep in separate rooms–I really told the boys, “Mommy opts this room”–and I still cook dinner every night. But now, with the lockdown, I can’t go out and socialize. I can’t have a break. And he’s ever in a bad mood.

We don’t fight, but we make more and more cheap shots at each other. He started online dating–he demonstrated up in my girlfriend’s equals, and she was like, “Hey, isn’t this your husband? ” So I’ll go to him and say, “That’s a unpleasant picture of you. Would you like me to take a better one? ” Or he dictated this diary, 107 Proven Ways to Get the Girl, and left it lying around. Just cheap shots that way.

We’re going through fiscal disclosure right now, and it’s hell. We’re on a lot of different calls with different advocates. I would love to grab a bottle of wine and suck everything is, but I don’t want him to think I’ve suddenly picked up an alcohol problem and use that against me when it comes to custody. I’m taking pictures of his Crown Royal bottles just in case. This is enemy territory. If the boys assessment my perseverance, and I raise my voice, I feel I need to be really careful in those situations. Every step, every move, I have to be cautious. People’s worst colours “ve been coming” during separation–even without a lockdown.

If the teenagers weren’t around, I would have gone to my mom’s or gone a freaking aura mattress and precisely slept on that somewhere. It’s very hard to be in the same house with my husband, but I simply keep looking at my kids. I don’t want them to think back on this as some grisly time. And I can look back and say that I came out of it so much stronger.

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