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According to the second World Cancer Research Fund/ American Institute for Cancer Research expert report, “[ s] alt is a probable campaign of belly cancer, ” one of the world’s producing cancer executioners. If the report’s estimate of an 8 percent increase in risk for every extra gram of salt a daytime is correct, then in different countries like the United kingdom government, virtually 1,700 cases of stomach cancer happen each year time because of excess salt intake, as “youre seeing” at 0:27 in my video Is Miso Healthy ?, and, in different countries like the United Mood, it would be thousands more annually.

The risk of belly cancer associated with salt intake appears on equivalence with smoking or heavy alcohol use, but may only be half as bad as opium call or increased total meat consumption, as “youre seeing” at 0:43 in my video. These discovers were based on a study of more than a half million people, which may explain why those chewing meatless diets appear to have practically two-thirds lower risk.

We know dietary salt intake is directly associated with health risks of stomach cancer, and the higher the uptake, the higher the risk. A meta-analysis went one pace further and looked at specific salt-rich nutrients: pickled nutrients, salted fish, handled meat, and miso soup. Habitual consumption of marinaded meat, salted fish, and handled meat were each associated with about a 25 percent greater gamble of stomach cancer. The pickled foods may explain why Korea, where the marinaded clam food kimchi is a staple, appears to have the highest stomach cancer frequencies in the world, as “youre seeing” at 1:39 in my video. But investigates found “they dont have” significant association with the intake of miso soup. This may be because the carcinogenic effects of the salt in miso soup are counteracted by the anti-carcinogenic effects of the soy, effectively canceling out health risks. And, if we offset garlicky soup with some scallions thrown in, our cancer probability may drop even lower, as you can see at 2:06 in my video.

Cancer isn’t the primary conclude beings are told to avoid salt, though. What about miso soup and high blood pressure? Similar to the relationship between miso and cancer, the salt in miso thrusts up our blood pressures, but miso’s soy protein may be relaxing them down. If we compare the effects of soy milk to cow’s milk, for example, and, to make it even more fair, compare soy milk to skip cow’s milk to avoid the saturated butter flab, soy milk can much more dramatically improve blood pressure among women with hypertension, as you can see at 2:43 in my video. But would the effect be drastic enough to counter all the salt in miso? Japanese investigates decided to set it to the test.

For four years, they followed men and women in their 60 s, who, at the start of the study, had normal blood pressure, to see who was more likely to be diagnosed with hypertension in that time: everyone else who has two or more bowls of miso soup a epoch or everyone else who has one or less. Two bowls a daylight may contribute a half teaspoon of salt to one’s daily diet, yet everyone else who has two or more bowls of miso soup every day appeared to have five times lower risk of becoming hypertensive. So, maybe the anti-hypertensive effects of the soy in the miso transcended the hypertensive the consequences of the salt.

Indeed, miso paste, a whole soy nutrient, can be used as a “green light” source of saltiness when cooking. That’s why I exercised it in my pesto recipe in How Not to Dieand in my How Not to Die Cookbook. It can help you in Shaking the Salt Habit .

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In health, Michael Greger, M.D.

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