What Does Lennon, Roosevelt and Wonder Have in Common?

John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Stevie Wonder all have a destiny of 6!

” Just because a adult shortcoming the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he shortcoming seeing .” — Stevie Wonder

What does John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt and Stevie Wonder have in common you might ask? They all have the destiny of 6. The life purpose of the six is the numerical essence of the heart, pity, and busines. Let’s take a look at these strong influencers.

A Numerology Tribute to John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Stevie Wonder The Destiny of 6

Examples of the 6 quintessence, are three well known individuals who have made an impact in our world.

For this article we are going to focus on the destiny( the birthday numbers added together ), and the phrase figure( the total sum of all the characters in a epithet ). Your destiny is your journey in life, what moves you and builds you invigorated. If you is not follow your destiny, you will most likely feel like something is lacking in your life.

To calculate the reputations through numerology, use the Pythagoras map below.

gandhi numerologyPythagoras chart John Lennon John Lennon has a Destiny of 6John Lennon

John Winston Lennon( digest October 9, 1940) was filled with compassion and a wise acknowledgment of the truth. His impressions in peace and love replenished his songs and our hearts.

Give Peace a Chance and Imagine were all about connecting to humankind where people share openly , not through ego or violence. It is so tragic that he was dead through violence.

“When you got something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sunlight, every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” -John Lennon

John Lennon NumerologyJohn Lennon’s numerology map

Let’s take a look at Lennon’s delivery map. His expression number in his birth call is a ” 1 ” which represents the leader and trailblazer. But with the identify we are all familiar with him as, Lennon has the show number of the “4”, which is the builder and organizer. No bombshell now, as he wrote his songs with such precision and organized peace marches.

Combining his fate of 6, Lennon made a huge impact in our world and touched so many hearts.

Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt has destiny of 6Eleanor Roosevelt, Wikipedia

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt( birth October 11, 1884) certainly embodied the strength of gathering parties together in peace for a common goal. She was the first lady of President Roosevelt at the time of the depression. Eleanor stood out in American history as a strong political person and partisan for civil rights and the women’s movement

“No one can prepare you feel inferior without your consent.”–Eleanor Roosevelt

Her birth name, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt has a 6 saying- all about tendernes and busines. As Eleanor Roosevelt, she had the artistic self-expression number of the “3”. She was known to be a prolific and influential novelist all through her life.

Eleanor Roosevelt numerology chartEleanor Roosevelt

Note: Did you know that Eleanor and FDR were fifth cousins formerly removed? Thus the same surname.

STEVIE WONDER Stevie Wonder Numerology. Destiny of 6Stevie Wonder from Wikipedia

Stevie Wonder( birth May 13, 1950) is the voice of soul, filled with music in his heart and spirit. His lack of sight has intensified his enunciate and paroles so “youre feeling” his late cherish of music and life.

” Just because a humankind paucity the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he scarcity dream .”

Stevie Wonder numerology chart.Stevie Wonder, wikipedia

How inspiring Stevie wonder is! He demonstrates all of us that we see in many ways , not just with our eyes. His love carols, such as Ribbon in the Sky is so heartfelt and Isn’t She Lovely, was, of course, for his new born daughter.Wonder’s birth specify, Stevland Hardway Morris has an 8 expres multitude- all about power and attractivenes. As Stevie Wonder, his speech numeral is all about the heart, the 6. And to this day, listening to his songs compiles me cry.

These three leads demo the splendour of the 6. Let’s take a look at the Shadow of the Six, during the course of its pandemic of 2020.

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