What is Blood in Chinese Medicine?

Blood holds Qi in the body

Blood affirms Qi in the body

Blood is the dwelling of Qi in the human body.

Blood is the “Mother of Qi, ” meaning that without Blood, there is no Qi. Blood in Classical Chinese Medicine is much more than the blood-red liquid of western science.

Physically, Blood nourishes, lubricates, and heateds.

When our surface, tendons, ligaments, and seams are saturated with Blood, we experience leisurely, adaptable shift, and radiating surface. Blood warms us from the inside. Blood lubricates our eyes, it colors the couches of our fingernails and toenails pink, and Blood continues our whisker is full and soft.

Powerfully Blood too nourishes, lubricates and heateds.

Plentiful Blood demo in our ability to sustain ourselves and others. We give warmth and opennes in times of stress, fluster, or crisis. We “Mother” ourselves through the trials of life. With bountiful Blood we follow our overflow, like water easing stones in a flow, Blood naturalness us around the obstacles of excitement, visualized, reaction.

Qi and Blood as Yin and Yang partners

Qi and Blood are Yin and Yang partners

“Blood is the Mother of Qi, Qi is the Commander of Blood.”

This sentence describes the interdependent relationship of Qi and Blood in the human body-mind. Qi is the Yang partner of Blood, which the Yin partner of this equation. Simply as Blood depends on Qi for tendency of spring, Qi depends on Blood for a home, for a “place to be” in a body.

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