‘What should I eat?!’ How to choose the best vegetarian and plant-based foods for your body. [Infographic]

“What can I actually eat on a plant-based or vegetarian food? ”

It’s natural to wonder about your options.

Carrots and broccoli are givens–of course. But are all plant-based nutrients “okay” to eat?

So often, our patrons want to know things like 😛 TAGEND

Is peanut butter a reasonable informant of protein?

How often should I snack soy produces?

Since I don’t eat fish, how do I get enough omega 3 solids? Are plant-based burgers okay?

Can I devour pasta on a plant-based diet?( Please say yes …?)

It can also be tricky to figure which plant-based foods fit into which macronutrient categories.

Take chickpeas, lentils, and veggie burgers. Are they predominantly protein? Carbohydrates? Fat?( HELP !)

Questions like these are why we created this handy, visual menu roll for plant-based and vegetarian eaters.

Fair warning: We’re not going to tell you that some foods are “good” and “bad”–or tell you there’s a “right” route to eat.

That’s exactly not our mode. But we will show you how to be considered meat on a range from “eat more” to “eat some” to “eat less.”

This approach promotes one of the most crucial doctrines of our nutrition coaching programme: Progress , not perfection.

Use our continuums to make choices that are “just a little bit better, ” whether you’re browsing the grocery store aisles, cooking a homemade dinner, or from a menu.

Plus, learn how to 😛 TAGEND

Incorporate a mix of plant-based proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and overweights.

Strategically improve your menu choices–based on whatever it is you devoured right now–to feel, move, and gaze better.

Customize your intake for your individual life-style, aims, and( of course) taste buds.

As a bonus, we’ve plied infinite to create your own personal plant-based meat continuum. That style, you can build a luscious menu of healthy nutrients that are right for you–no questions asked.

( And if you miss a FREE plant-based nutrition plan that’s personalized for your body, purposes, and life, check out the Precision Nutrition Calculator .)

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer and use the step-by-step process to decide which menus line up with your( or your clients’) goals.

If you’re a manager, or you want to be …

Learning how to instruct purchasers, patients, friends, or family members through healthy eating and life-style changes–in a way that’s personalized for their unique figure, penchants, and circumstances–is both an art and a science.

If you’d like to learn more about both, consider the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification . The next radical kicks off shortly.

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