What To Say When Prospects Say “I Can’t Now Because Of COVID-19” [Episode 339]

In this incident I want to address with you what to say when speaking with consumers or cases about your solutions and they say they can’t because of the whole COVID-1 9 situation.

Just because COVID is happening, doesn’t mean their back sting or state publishes went away.

If someone is on the phone with you and they are objecting to your offer, there’s one of four rationales 😛 TAGEND

1. Time 2. Money 3. Stall( i.e ., I need to talk with my spouse) 4. Your product

In this escapade I march you through the different dissents and how to address these issues and get people to say yes.

You’ll certainly want to take notes so grab a pen and paper and tune in!


In This Episode I discuss:

00: 00 -0 1:42- Introducing Today’s Topic

01: 42- 04:22- The Most Important Question You Can Ask

0: 422- 05:37- Four Characters Of Objection

05: 37- 09:51- Getting To The Truth

09: 51- 15:58- Getting To Yes


What You Missed

In our last-place occurrence, we talked about How Millionaires Think And Act In A Recession.

History shows us that whenever we’ve gone through recessions/ depressions has inspired resourcefulness and innovation.

Here is the mentality of successful people: When everyone is pulling back, that is when they push forward.

People still have troubles, however, the room you provide a solution to their problems is going to be different.

The number 1 mindset right now is that instead of contracting, you are expanding. Instead of chipping all overheads, are you investing intelligently.

The way millionaires visualize and deed during a receding is basically the opposite of what most people do.

Now is the time to ask yourself — are the actions you’re taking congruent with your desire?

If your desire is to save your business, are the actions you’re making congruent with that hunger?

If you missed it, you can catch the full incident right here — >> How Millionaires Think And Act In A Recession.


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