Why SEO is Important for a website?

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, using SEO services your website will get more and more traffic. Different types of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK and AOL, 83% people uses a Google.

If a user searches anything on a web browser, same keyword will show different websites. What a user wants to search is available freely on Internet with different websites. 90% people visits at first page of Google and give no preference to the second page. First-third websites are called as in golden triangle, 63% people visit to only these websites.

To rank your website on first-third you must need a SEO, with the help of SEO you will get more visitors as a customers or subscribers. A website on second page of Google has no any importance.

Keywords and back links are important for the high ranking of the website.

Onsite Optimization

Keyword relevancy: In content, keyword repetition is must. Google crawler will fetch the unique and keyword based content very fast.

Offsite optimization

Quality back links is must for the website through Social Media, Articles, and Blog Post.

How to spread your business?

You can spread your business or Company on the entire through Social media by Posting Ads on Facebook, ads on Google or ads on high quality websites. Google webmaster uses algorithm to increase your website ranking.

Why SEO is Important for a website?
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