With Some Girls, You Won’t Get A Second Chance

With some girls, you won’t get a second chance, so don’t mess up your first one. Don’t take her for granted under the hopes she’s going to let you get away with your bullshit. Don’t test how much you can upset her before she snarls. Don’t treat her feelings for you like a game and don’t discus her center like a punching bag.

With some girls, you won’t get a second chance. Once you mess up, you’ll lose her trust forever. She’ll never be able to look at you the same way again. Your mistake will absolutely alter the course of your relationship. It will violate her heart, crush her character, and kill her attraction to you. It doesn’t matter how many times you say you’re sorry, because nothing is going to erase the reminiscence from her recollection. Good-for-nothing is going to change the fact that you were okay with hurting her.

With some girlfriends, you won’t get a second chance. She might countenance your defense, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to want anything to do with you moving forward. Once she sees your genuine colors, she’s going to bolt. She isn’t going to stick around to find out whether you’re going to follow through on your promise of doing better in the future. She’s going to evaluate you based on how you’ve already discussed her yesterday , not by how you might treat her tomorrow.

Honestly, you shouldn’t have needed to screw up to realize the girl you’re interested in deserves better. You shouldn’t have needed her to scream at you or cry in front of you or give you an ultimatum to realize she deserves more respect. You should have analyse her reservoir from the very beginning. You shouldn’t have been an asshole to someone you expected to stay.

With some girls, you won’t get a second chance. You’re lucky enough to get a firstly occasion. You’re lucky she’s agreed to let her walls down and open up to you when she could easily walk away and protect her feelings from getting hurt. You’re lucky she love you enough to risk letting you into her nerve. You’re lucky she has decided to escape her comfort zone in order to be with you. You’re lucky she’s made her confidence in you — so the last thing you want to do is break that trust.

With some girlfriends, you won’t get a second chance. Even if she really likes you, even if she had her stomach set on being with you, she won’t lower her standards for you. She won’t settle for someone who could stomach hurting her, even once. Even if it kills her, she will walk away from you. She will find someone new, someone who would never do her incorrect, or she will find happiness on her own.

With some daughters, you won’t get a second chance, so make sure you don’t screw her over. Make sure, if you’re serious about her, you prove it. Make sure she never disbelieves how much you care. TC mark

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