Your Daily Focus: August 15 – 21

Your Daily Focus: August 15-21 | California PsychicsUnderstanding Your Daily Focus

I have found myself awfully earnestly inclining my small garden the past few weeks. With the constant high temperatures, I have needed to be quite vigilant about made to ensure that my grows are getting the right amount of irrigate and sunbathe, particularly in cases of my potted plants. It can feel like a full day position time to made to ensure that they have what they need to thrive.

Taking time to figure out what we need in order to thrive can be as much of a challenge as figuring out what our flowers need, maybe even harder as we are such complex beings. In this week’s Daily Focus, we look at the process of tending to ourselves with the same attention to detail and adore that we be provided to other people, beings, and things in our lives.

August 15

“The body mends with frisk, the judgment soothes with humour, and the force salves with joy.” -Proverb

One practice to nurture ourselves is to acknowledge the different ways our figures regenerate and heal. We get so wrapped up in being serious adults that we forget the healing dominance of the simple things like movement, laughter, and unadulterated exuberance. Our childhood selves had the answers, and it’s time to listen to them. Today’s word is Childlike.

August 16

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your mind and makes glee, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” -Jean Shinoda Bolen

We all have diversions or pleasures that were once major parts of who we were, but sometimes we threw them on the back burners as we get older. Why do we discount such intrinsic the various aspects of who we are and draw us joyous? Part of our self-care toolbox should be moving experience of operations and things that fill us with fervour, prosperity, and force. Today’s word is Recreation.

August 17

“The new ailment of our age is being OK doing everything at exactly the same time.” -Nigel Cumberland

Stop the multitasking and experience being in the moment! I know that we all have a lot to do and the only way to get things done is to be doing two, three, or more tasks at the same time but we are doing ourselves a great disservice when we do. We accentuate ourselves out awfully and we often have to go back and redo exercises because they aren’t spot on, which simply makes more of our prized duration. Focus instead on one piece at a time and you might find yourself less wilted at the end of the working day. Today’s word is Focus.

August 18

“Sometimes the most important thing in a entire period is the rest we make between two penetrating breaths.” -Etty Hillesum

Stop for a few moments. Yes, right now. Take a sigh and then take another. You have just added to your force for the working day! See how easy it is to recharge your artilleries and do something wonderful for yourself? The next time you consciously do this, discover where your thoughts take you when “youre in” between those gulps and determine your counseling from there. Today’s word is Moment.

August 19

” Every decision I establish is right for me.” -Louise Hay

Part of attending for ourselves is believing in our ability to form the right choice for our well-being. When we are second reckon everything we do we undermine the connection we have with our Higher Selves and that can lead to stagnation and exasperation with life. Know that everyone is doing the best they can and that we are meeting the right choices for where we are in our growth. Today’s word is Faith.

August 20

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” -Anne Lamott

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with life! And even easier to feel as if we have to keep going at full tilt. Sometimes though, we need to disconnect and simply be. Put away the phone, walk away from the employment you returned home, turn off the computer, TV, or whatever else stops you tethered for 15 minutes, and revel in the quietnes that you find within yourself. You don’t have to aim for nothingness, really treaty. Today’s word is Disconnect.

August 21

“Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, hue, chimes, and drudgery that nourish you.” -Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

We create the world that we live in, so fill it with the things that obligate you smile and want to dance! Spend time with beings that commission you up and attain you laugh. Paint those walls the color of a sunrise and enjoy a dinner that not only replenishes your belly but allows your heart to swell, extremely. Create your own masterpiece and live in it! Today’s word is Artist.

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